Dinner with hubby gives great pleasure.

"If it isn't too forward, I'd like to kiss you now." Her eyes darted to meet mine before shifting away.

My mouth went dry as lust surged through my body, congealing in my privates as my dick awoke and started to take notice. I gripped the back of my neck as my own eyes went rogue, darting around to the streetlights, bushes, sidewalk, anything really, before they were drawn back to hers.

We're being ridiculous here. We're both consenting adults. She was kind enough to be direct and not play games. I should man up and provide her the same courtesy.

I gave her a sharp nod, not trusting myself to speak, my mouth suddenly as dry as the bottom of a cowboy's sunscorched boot.

Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Arbor, Presidents Day, May the Fourth, and her birthday all rolled up into one. She gave me a second to brace myself before dashing forward, placing her hands on my face, pulling my mouth to hers.

Her lips were a whirlwind. They were firm, suckling petals of softness that poured her heart out in their desperate movements. My hands fell naturally on her hips as she continued her frontal siege on my mouth. She reluctantly gave me a brief respite to pull a ragged breath after an untold amount of time.

"Wow-" I tried to say but she interrupted, resuming the kiss, picking up where she left off. Her lips continued to nuzzle mine as I tried to reciprocate as much as my inexperienced nervousness allowed. Her hands fell from my face as she balled her fists in my shirt, using it to pull me even closer. I felt a probing force against my mouth amongst her kisses, her tongue asking permission ever so politely.

What sort of gentleman could deny such a polite individual. I opened my metaphorical gates, parting my tingling lips for her.

What is that? I wondered at a strange tapping against my pant leg.

I didn't wonder for long as her tongue penetrated my mouth, its silken length gently swirling around, sending her sweet essence through my senses. Her hands snuck around my side and slid around my hips, slipping cheekily into my jeans as as she continued to probe me with her tongue. I started to get a bit light headed and I pushed at her hips trying to give myself some space. She reluctantly allowed my head to pull back from her but refused to give me any space, her breasts squashed against my chest. She matched my backpedal, stepping forward in lockstep until we ran into a brick pillar.

"Hey-" Was all I got out before she once again closed the distance between us, her lips mashed into mine for a quick peck.

"What-" She smooched, me a smirk on her face and her eyes dancing with mirth.

"Why-" This time the kiss was long and slow and deep.

"You're-" Reluctantly leaving the soft patch of skin on her hip I used my hand to intercept her lips.

"You're going to have to let me speak eventually," I said when she finally allowed me to speak.

"Talking is overrated, there are better things to use our mouths for."

My heart stuttered.

"You're relentless. There's no way you're this attracted to me," I said, my usual self-consciousness rearing its head.

She didn't say anything. Not with her mouth. Her eyes, however, spoke volumes. They wrote novels about the depth of her desire.

I swallowed nervously, as I leaned forward to initiate my first ever kiss, if only to keep myself for saying something stupid. Again.

Her eyes softened, and her smile was gentle as her mouth melded with mine, easing up on her passion, keeping the contact downy soft. Her leg nudged my knees apart as she straddled my thigh. Her sex pressed against me with a damp warmth that left me reeling. She nuzzled my cheek with her nose as her hands trailed up my back to cradle my head possessively.

"Now's when you invite me up to your room," she whispered with sultry authority in my ear.

Her antics had me reeling.