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She cuckolds him and takes control.

We are free to go where ever the mood takes us. That can include oral, anal, vaginal and masturbating. It also includes male to female, female to female and male to male. We have all agreed to no scat play, severe pain or anything that could cause permeate damage. The six of us understand and accept this."

Katie stopped talking as she looked down at Kathy, who was now sitting on Dan's chest. Then she looked over at me and smiled. "Now, for the two of you. First, we understand that all of this is new to both of you. The relationships you had for years has changed from close friends and work buddies to lovers and most likely will end up husband and wife. Both of you also work with two of the people here tonight, and you are good friends with the four of them."

Again, Katie stopped talking as though she was giving us time for all of this to sink in. "Frank, Kathy, if you set boundaries tonight, they will be honored, and no one will be upset. If you decide to throw caution to the wind and go for broke, both of you will most likely have some form of sexual contact with every person in this room. That would include male and female. Now, it's up to you. Both of you need to be on the same page and only agree with the things you know you can live with tomorrow and every day after that."

Everyone seemed to be looking at me for a response.

"It's true that our relationship has changed a lot in the past couple of days, but it has all been for the better. Kathy and I both had a lot of sexual fantasies. Some we have already fulfilled and others we may accomplish here tonight. If Kathy and all of you agree, I will suggest we do as Katie suggested and go for broke. The only thing I would ask if it gets to be more than either one of us can handle that all of you would agree to give us a pass on whatever it might be."
I looked at Kathy, and she nodded. Then I looked at the others, one at a time. Each one nodded their agreement.

"Okay, let's all have some fun" Dan said as he took Kathy by the hips and pulled her ass back to her mouth.

Cindy straddled Dan 's waist, facing Kathy. The two women started kissing and playing with each other's tits.

Paul laid down on the floor with his head up next to Dan's hips. Shawn straddled Paul's face. Paul wrapped his hand around Shawn's cock, pulled it to his mouth, and started sucking. Shawn lowered his head down behind Cindy and Kathy until he could reach Dan's hard cock.

I watched him take Dan's cock deep into his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. Seeing all this made me question myself, "Am I gonna do this tonight, if I do will I let them cum in my mouth?"

Katie laid back on the floor then pulled me over to straddled her in a 69 position. She planted her feet on the floor and spread her legs wide apart. Her smooth shaved pussy was slightly gaped open and dripping wet with her love juice. Just as she sucked my cock deep into her mouth, I licked my tongue down the length of her slit, lapping up her warm, tasty juice, swallowing as much as I could. She tasted different from Kathy or Beth. Not better or worse, just different.

I moved back up to sucking on her clit and pushed two fingers deep into her wet pussy at the same time. She raised her ass up and used one hand to pushing my head down. Due to my inexperience, I didn't know what she wanted.

Then she moved her hand around and pulled on one of her ass cheeks, better exposing her puckered little rosebud. Okay, now I realized what she was wanting.

I lowered my head down and licked across her little rosebud. She pushed down causing her small hole to opened up a little. Hoping I was doing what she wanted, I pushed my tongue up into her asshole. It felt very different from her pussy, and the taste was different. Not bad, just different. She started pushing in and out, ass fucking my tongue.

Beth moved behind me, and I felt her pulling on my butt plug.