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Husband has a surprise honeymoon present for his Japanese wife.

"If you must, my sweet plaything, I cannot deny your wishes." I pushed her to her knees, so I now towered over my sweet young plaything. She gazed up at my face, my cock throbbing above hers.

Just as she'd been trained, she started by paying tribute to my testicles. She kissed them sweetly, knowing how much I love a naive, obedient girlish kiss. Then her mouth opened slightly to reveal her hungry tongue, again only gently beginning. Finally her mouth opened wide and she gave my balls long, spit-coating sucks and licks as she cooed lustily. Giving a few pointed prodding licks behind my balls, she whimpered, reaching up to grab my throbbing shaft to steer it toward her salivating mouth.

"How is our hot girlfriend doing outside, Master," Anna asked just as her mouth clutched onto the end of my cock. She suckled hungrily as I looked up.

Anna was on her knees, her feet out behind her, her legs spread, her little skirt askew, showing lots of delicious thigh.

Sara sat on a little bench outside, just across from me, absently parting her perfect legs. Her friend Pam had gone, and Sara was now alone, lost in her books. I glimpsed her little cheer shorts, which were made to be seen, of course, though the thought that these young ladies wore cheer panties that were made to be visible is somehow very, very hot. It is like permission to look at panties in a sexual way.

"Mmm, I can see sweet Sara's little cheer shorts, my plaything, they are shiny gold...."

Anna moaned, "Oh, master, I'm glad you have a chance to see your girl's panties. I know how much you enjoy that...." She was gripping my cock in her hand and sucking on the head. She licked and sucked hungrily. She took my left testicle into her warm inviting mouth and rolled it around in there, then took the other and did the same. She gave my balls a long, lovely lick or three.

I grabbed Anna's short hair by the sides of her head and brought her pretty mouth to my cock.

She whimpered, excited. "I'm gonna fuck your hot little mouth, pretty girl. You want your mouth fucked, baby?"

"Yes, Master!" She groaned in pleasure. I shoved it into her mouth and began bucking against her face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came from the very thrill of being my little mouth fuck plaything. She groaned, her hips moving, as I fucked her perfect mouth.

I looked out at Sara again, who still sat innocently on the bench, knees parted, shiny gold panties on display. I admired her medium sized tits through her cheer sweater, and thought about cumming on them, about sucking the nipples, about sharing them with Anna. I stared at the line of her jaw, and her regal nose, and the way her blond sexy hair wafted in the breeze.

I took a long scanning gaze down her waist and to her magnificent legs, parted and perfect, firm & athletic but feminine too. I was so in lust with pretty Sara at this moment, while fucking Anna's mouth.

"My precious little cocksucker, are you hungry?" I groaned to Anna, petting her pretty hair, as I continued to gaze at Sara.

Anna's reaction was lovely. With my cock still shoving into her mouth, she moaned in a higher pitch and nodded, pulling her mouth off me for a moment to pant, gripping my cock in both hands and jacking me off, licking the head lovingly, earnestly, desperately... "Oh Master, I'm SO hungry. Please feed me!" Her jacking of my cock was now combined with desperate, frantic sucking. She was crazed with cum lust.

I gazed down at Anna's beautiful face. She was looking at me, earnestly. "Please feed me your cum while you look at hot little Sara..."

I smiled broadly and patted her head again. "Play with your cunt, love," I huskily ordered. I heard her whimper and looked down to see her left hand frantically rubbing and jabbing her pussy. "Good girl. Take your pleasure." Her hips flexed beautifully against her hand as she cried out, my cock in her mouth muffling the sound. I felt a delicious tingle at the base of my cock, the ever-approaching explosion, tempted by the lovely scene I'd engineered. "That's my angel."

I looked ou