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Kneeling down, he pushed the miniskirt up and pulled aside the crotch of the leather panties I wore. I swear, he must have been nearly asphyxiated by the smell of pussy, but he didn't miss a beat as he lowered his head and lapped up a big dollop of cream that oozed out of my sopping cunt. He had me going harder than ever within a few minutes, and I moaned into his ear that I needed his hard prick inside my pussy, immediately.

Reluctantly, Paul straightened, and with a sigh of relief, released his throbbing cock from the tight leather pants. I reached out, grabbed his thick member and guided the huge purple head to the entrance to my leaking pussy. Reaching around and grabbing his ass cheeks, I pulled him in to me, burying the full length of his nine-incher in my suctioning cunt in a single stroke.

We both let out a yell as my cunt stretched around his enormous fuckstick, and when the intensity eased a bit, Paul started to thrust. Each time Paul pushed his big cock into me, I let out a little grunt, and after a little bit, he had me cumming, hard. I tried to bite back the scream that welled up out of my throat, but finally, the pressure was too intense, the orgasm too mind-blowing, and I opened up and let go.

"Is somebody in there? Tonia, is that you?" This came from the gate at the front of the store as I was coming down off of my blinding orgasm. Paul panicked, and, pants down around his knees, hopped to the back of the store and hid.

Fortunately, I recognized the voice, or I'd have been just as terrified as Paul. I straightened a little, smoothed down the miniskirt, and turned toward the voice. "Hi, Rita. Yeah, it's me. Just stopped in to finish some shit I didn't get done last night."

Rita smirked, "Yeah, I can see. I'll bet your district would be proud as hell to see just how dedicated you are."

Rita is on cleanup crew at the mall, and although it isn't the most glamorous job in the world, she is a really great person, with a pretty face, long wavy brunette hair, and a trim body that I've noticed more than one guy turn and admire as he was walking by.

"Yeah, right," I said, knowing she'd seen us. "Working over the holidays can be hell."

"Looked like a lot of fun. Wish I could be 'working' like that Sure would make the day go faster."

"Well, hey, I'm sure that Paul wouldn't mind." I called Paul from the back, where he peeked around the corner, and seeing that there was no swat team, came back out.

"Paul, meet Rita, a friend of mine." I could see that he liked Rita from the start, from the gleam in his eyes, and I noticed Rita looking him up and down, as well.

Opening the gate so that Rita could get into the store with us, I led us all into the back room, where there is a big table that we use to sort stuff and also to have breaks at. It wasn't exactly as comfortable as a king-size bed, but it would have to do.

Paul and I converged on Rita, running our hands over her body before starting to remove her clothes. After not too long, her uniform was in a puddle on the floor, and her gorgeous body was revealed to us. I wanted to make love to her right away, but Rita had other ideas. She knelt in front of Paul and with a dexterity which amazed me, had his cock out of his pants before I could protest. She proved to me that she was every bit the cocksucker she had admitted to me a couple of times we'd talked and the subject turned to sex.

With a groan, Paul released a load of cum onto Rita, which splashed on her face and over her tits. She seemed to revel in the feel of his cum on her skin, and not wanting to be left out of the party, I knelt down next to her and started to lick the semen off her body. When I'd cleaned the last of Paul's jizz off Rita's body, I started to suck on first one nipple, then the other, while Rita closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the sensation.

For a minute, I forgot about Paul, but was reminded when I felt his cock probing the entrance to my pussy.

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