FreeSubmission at an all girl's rehab camp. Sex Pics

Hotel staff fulfill a young wife.

I'm sure it would clear the air between you two, because things have gotten to the point where you both are wondering what it would be like, even if only subconsciously, but it's there, and that's the first problem. But you're too emotionally involved for that now... your hormones are moaning."

"I'm too sexually attracted to him for a one time thing. It's got to be all or nothing."

"If by all, you mean children and everything, then it's got to be nothing."

"I've already got a child growing in here. I don't need any more."

"Craig won't let you take his child away... I won't let you take our child away, but I suppose it would be possible for you to live here and just be fully involved with your brother on a sexual level."

"I wouldn't do that to Craig. Brian is my brother, but it wouldn't matter to Craig, I'm sure. It's not a nice thing to say, but when you have sex with someone, you're having sex with every single person that they've been with. In some cases, they still see other people in between the times you sleep with them, and his wife cheats on him a lot." Then something dawned on her, and she started crying. "It has to be me, I can't let Lara sleep with him. It has to be me... then I have to go away from here."

Hannah pulled her back into her arms. "Get him tested before you arrange a date for Lara. Just make sure he doesn't do anything with his wife after the tests."

Trish stopped crying almost immediately, but the tears were still running down her face. "I'm so glad you're here to think for me." She picked up her phone and texted her brother, telling him to go for full tests before she'd arrange for the sexy blond. She ended the text by adding, 'stay away from your wife till after'.

The reply came back five minutes later saying she needn't worry about his wife, the game was over between them.

"Now I feel even more guilty about making him delete that photo." She giggled. "At least he was seeing one."

"Send him one of mine, I don't mind if he knows whose it is, as long as he knows he'll never get to see it in real life or touch it."

Before taking Hannah up on her offer, she sent a text to her brother asking if he'd deleted her pic yet.

The reply came back saying that he hadn't, but would before the weekend.

"At least he's honest." Trish commented. "But why wouldn't he have done it right away?"

"Ask him. If he's that honest, he'll tell you."

Trish did, and his reply was that he needed to build himself up to it. He admitted to not wanting to delete it.

"Should I let him keep it, do you think?"

"Send him one of mine, then make him make a choice."

Hannah lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties so Trish could take a photo, but like Hannah had done, Trish asked her if she was sure. Hannah nodded.

Trish took the photo and sent it, then followed up with a message telling him whose it was, and stating that he had to delete one or the other. The choice was his.

He replied, saying he'd deleted hers and kept Hannah's. A few minutes later, another message came through.

This one apologized for not deleting hers right away, and explained that he hadn't really kept it because it was of hers, but because he hadn't seen one in a while and now knew he wouldn't get to see one till he finally plucked up the courage to get out and find someone new.

Trish's reply. 'Hannah says think of her rubbing it each time you jack off'. Then she followed up with another one right away. 'Hannah asked if you're jacking off right now. She wants to know if she can cum for you'.

His reply. 'Can't jack off and text at the same time. Stop interrupting'.

"He likes your pic."

"I like the fact that someone somewhere is masturbating because I'm making them horny."

"We definitely have to get a decent camera. We'll go shopping for one today."


Instead of going shopping for a camera, Trish texted her brother to find out what phone he had.