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Kim tells a story about fun on a futon.

Once my fingertips felt the cloth of her nightshirt I continue pressing forward until I could feel the softness of her supple breast.

Again I jerked my hand away and checked her eyes and my sister's. Asleep. I grabbed a handful of the bottom of my shirt to try to fight off the nervous tension as I reached out once again, my palm coming in for a landing. It touched down lightly on Mount Titty. I did another sleep check and then began to slowly curl my fingers, feeling the softness of her titflesh molding into my hand. I extended my fingers and then curled them again with more pressure and faster until I found myself squeezing her tit with a rhythm. My upper lip trembling, I released the grip I'd had on my shirt and transferred the grip to Isabelle's other tit. My hands were now both full of Isabelle's wonderful breasts. They felt so soft yet so firm. I could feel her nipples in the center of my palms and decided to have a look.

I moved my hands from her mounds to the bottom of her nightshirt and began to slowly slide it up her legs as I watched her and my sister for any signs of movement. Her white panties came into view as I worked the shirt higher and higher. As I continued to raise the shirt, for a moment I thought I could make out the lips of her pussy and paused my shirt raising for a touch. I continued holding her shirt bottom in one hand and reached the other toward her pussy. I could instantly feel a warmth as my fingertips reached one of the lips. I pressed in gently and felt its softness give way. I shifted my fingers towards the cleft between the lips and began to press forward when I suddenly realized that if this were to wake her up, I wouldn't get a chance to see her tits.

So I returned my hand to her shirt and continued lifting. Her flat, tan tummy became uncovered. It seemed like an eternity when I finally began to see the bottoms of her globes coming into view. I lifted the shirt faster, anxious to see them. More of her caramel melons became bare and then I saw her nipples. My breath snagged in my throat as I caught sight of them. They were a slightly different shade than the surrounding skin of her tits. Something like a combination of brown, bronze, caramel, and pink. I lifted her shirt to her neck and then stepped back to marvel over finally seeing Isabelle's fabulous breasts in all their glory.

I did another sleep check and then stretched out both hands at the same time, my fingers twitching, until my palms came into contact with her bare breasts. I took a moment to savor the warmness of them and then once again began to rhythmically squeeze them. My dick felt as though it would explode any minute as I watched the shadows develop across her tits wherever my fingers squeezed. I shifted my hands and lightly touched her nipples and then gave them a gentle pinch and was shocked to find them hardening under my fingertips.
My fascination with them continued to grow until I suddenly realized that I was now straddling her legs and my face was just inches from her chest. The voice of the guy in the lockeroom came back to me.

"Dude, her tits felt so great on my face. They were all soft and whatnot."

I leaned forward, urging myself on until my face was buried in her cleavage. The guy in the lockeroom was right. Female breasts felt wonderful. I shifted my face back and forth between her tits while continuing to gently touch her nipples. During the course of this, my tongue somehow made its way out of my mouth and I tasted her soft titties for the first time.

"Mmmmpppffff," I spoke into her breasts.

Absolutely wonderful! I almost had to grab the hair on my head and pull just to get myself to peek over and make sure my sister was still asleep.