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What was she going to help him with? She took another look at the monster caged in his pants and then took a deep breath. She reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants. He let out a hiss and looked at her as a ravenous lion looks at fresh meat. Looking deep into his eyes, she reached out with her other hand and unzipped his pants. Unbuttoning his pants, she reached in and grabbed his pulsating tool. The feel of her hand on his cock brought forth another hiss from his mouth. The hiss quickly turned into a moan as she swiped a finger over the tip, collecting the pre-cum that had collected there. She raised the finger to her mouth and opening wide, stuck her finger in, tasting his seed. She pushed her finger in and out of her mouth for a second, eliciting another moan from him.

"I think you had better be the one sitting here." That brought on a struggle as they tried to maneuver in the tight quarters. But the struggle brought lots of opportunities for his hands to roam her body. In the process, her blouse was lifted over her breasts. At one point his face was between them and he pushed her bra up. After staring at her breasts hungrily for a second, he placed his mouth over her left nipple and began to suck. He nibbled and bit at it as though trying to bring forth the sustenance he needed to recover from his injuries. Pausing for a second, he kissed his way over to the right breast which he proceeded to give the same treatment.

All this attention to her breasts was driving Denica nuts. She reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand. The other hand flew to her pussy. She pushed her panties to one side and stuck a finger inside. At first she buried it inside the warm wetness. But as he continued to suck on her nipples, she began playing with her clit. Rubbing it ever so gently in time to his sucking. But as his assault in her breasts picked up steam, so did the finger on her clit. She began flicking and squeezing it. This caused her to moan.

The hand on his cock was not passive. It was pumping his cock for all it was worth and it was worth a lot. This brought for another moan from him, this moan muffled by the flesh of her breasts. He reached his hands up under her skirt and yanked her panties down around her knees. This caused her to shift awkwardly and his mouth broke contact with her nipple. Groaning with need, he moved so that he was sitting on the toilet. This put him in a position to finish the job. He pulled her panties the rest of the way down and she stepped out of them.

Realizing that there wasn't enough room for him to face him, she turned around. Then straddling his legs, she reached between her legs to grab his cock. Then she sat down, his cock impaling her. His groan as her pussy engulfed his cock was so loud, she was afraid everyone on board could hear it. But neither of them cared. Right now the only thing that matter was how good it felt.

Leaning forward so her hands were on the door, she proceeded to lift her ass. This caused her pussy to slide up his cock. She slid it up until just the tip was inside, then sat down with such force that it touched her cervix. He was so big that he almost spit her in two. But she continued this up and down movement, getting hotter and hotter the whole time. He reached around and grabbed her breasts. Pulling and pinching her nipples as she continued to ride his cock, he was in heaven.

But then she stopped and rose up off his cock.

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