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Her body hair was no longer matted but soft white and downy across her body. Her breasts and belly were bare. The hair on her head was very dark blue curls, much darker than her skin. It continued down her spine, growing longer and straighter, reaching to just above the cleavage of her buttocks.

As he watched the girl smoothing the Rokken's body, his phallus finally awoke, stretching out before him, writhing and curling like the body of a snake. The girl and the Rokken watched it in fascination as it twisted before him, growing ever longer and thicker. Without thinking, the girl stretched out her arm and the phallus began slowly to wrap itself around the forearm, shortening and pulling the girl towards him. Her mouth fell half open, face flushing, lips thickening with desire.

"O Lord, I cannot, but I so wish it."

His phallus slowly unwound itself from her arm, its head towards her as if watching. Meanwhile the Rokken had fallen on all fours, equally fascinated by the twisting winding thing in front of her. He turned towards the the Rokken female and realised that her body was also responding. Her mouth was open, her face glowing while the longer hairs on her back, lifted and sank backwards, rippling up and down her spine. He stepped forwards and seized her, quickly turning her body around and roughly parting her legs as she knelt before him. Reaching between her thighs he found her slit, already swollen and moist. He fingered her and her body arched, the spine hairs standing erect. His phallus snaked towards her, plunging of its own volition deep inside her, She shrieked, not with the voice of an unthinking animal, but that of a woman in ecstasy. He thrust his hips forward, plunging deeper into her body, grasping her breasts in his hands, pulling her body upwards as he continued to thrust. Her muscular body pushed back against him, he could feel her buttocks against him and he gasped in pleasure as he came, pumping his seed deep into her womb.

He collapsed back into the water, keeping inside her so that he lay on his back with her on his stomach. Her body was still shaking with orgasm, the hair on her back vibrating against his belly, the strange sensation keeping him firm and hard, although it was slowly pulling back into itself, pulling the head back. She shuddered as it pulled back, his huge girth stretching her beyond anything she had ever experienced.

He looked across at the girl. She was lying back in the water, her legs apart, fingers deep inside herself, panting and breathless as she came down from her own orgasm.

"My Lord" she said weakly. "When I am ripe promise me you will come back and be the first to enter this body."

The Hero's bloodlust was now quenched but his phallus was still hard and he continued to thrust at the Rokken, who seemed to be in some private world of her own. Gently easing her body away from him he deposited her gently at the poolside on a bed of moss, where she immediately curled up and fell asleep.

The girl's eyes widened as she saw his still erect phallus.

"My Lord," she whispered "I am not yet ripe, but it is not forbidden to use me in other ways."

He smiled at her. "It would be my pleasure Lady. But do not expect that you will see my weapon wielded in that way again. I fear that only happens during Bloodlust"

"I care not", she said, "and in truth I would fear for my safety were you to take me with such a weapon.

"You would be safe Lady, but you would also be pregnant, for in Bloodlust, my seed is always potent"

She did not answer, merely crawling as the Rokken girl had done on hands and knees towards him.