Stay with a friend as her two daughters dress him. Porn Video

While the cats away, the mice will play.

We want to make you feel special and cared for. We want to explore you."

"Ok, after meeting me and seeing me, is that still what you want?" I asked. My low self-esteem was making me say stupid shit.

"Absolutely," they both said in stereo. Aw. Married couples.

"Awesome. I'd like that, too." I smiled shyly and blushed a little. And I did want it. I finished up my glass of wine and felt a little better physically. They asked me if I wanted another so I said yes. Suddenly I felt Carl's hand on my leg and looked up at him. He was winking at Marie. As I turned to look at Marie, I felt her hand on my other leg. It wasn't completely sexual, yet, but I liked the feeling of multiple hands on me.

"Why don't we think about going upstairs?" I smiled at both of them. They paid the tab and we walked to the elevators. As we climbed on on the elevator I noticed it was empty and we began our ascent to the upper floors. Marie and Carl began kissing in the corner immediately as I watched them. They were pretty passionate about their makeout session and I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was getting hard.

We arrived in the room and I sat on the bed. They offered me another drink but I passed and asked for water. I wanted to enjoy this. Carl nervously talked and laughed and went to the dresser and pulled out some cash from an envelope. He started to hand it to me and I asked him to just leave it on the dresser. Marie had made herself a drink and was taking off her shoes.

I stood up and thanked them for the evening so far and laid my purse on top of the donation. "Would you like me to get comfortable yet?" I asked. I wanted to know what their pace would be.

"Absolutely, I'd love to watch that," Marie chimed in. She was sitting back relaxed and sipping her drink. Carl just shook his head yes in agreement. I began to unzip my little black dress from the neck and pulled it slowly down my back. Then I slipped it over my shoulders and let it quietly slip down across my breasts to my hips. I had a black lacey bra and matching panties on underneath. I pushed the skirt down to my ankles and stepped out of it.

"More?" I smiled big and looked at them. They both quietly nodded yes. I unclasped my bra and slowly let it slip over my shoulders. I held it against my breasts and then let it slip down, exposing my nipples. They were hard. I dropped my bra to the floor and touched my nipples, tweaking them and squeezing my breasts. They were both watching me with shallow breasts. I liked their attention to me. Then I reached down and pushed my panties to my ankles. I stepped out of them and ran a hand along my vagina, cupping it and sliding a finger along my slit.

I walked to the bed and laid down on it slowly, watching them. They both stood and quickly undressed. Marie had a nice body and though her tits sagged and didn't have much perk, she had beautiful, long nipples. I looked forward to sucking on them and licked my lips. Carl was an average body and plenty of chest hair. He was already hard and had an average sized penis. I was ok with that because I knew I could deep throat him.

They laid down on each side of me and both, without talking, began to kiss my body and touch me all over. I felt four hands, two mouths, and the occasional licks everywhere. "Ohhhh, this feels nice," I moaned softly. I was really enjoying it and put my head back with my eyes closed. They continued and one hand began to rub my wet slit and pushed a finger inside. I moaned again, softly. Then, I felt a tongue circling my clit as my legs were pushed apart. I looked down and it was Marie. She was going down on me while Carl sucked on my nipples and ran his hands all over. It took about two to three minutes before I couldn't take anymore and put my hand on the back of Marie's head and pressed her against me, cumming on her mouth.

Marie climbed up and whispered in my ear, "May I sit on your face?" I smiled and nodded yes.

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