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Eric Soul takes back his beloved, Ariel Starr.

My mom has a beautiful body. You could not tell that she was only 38 years old and had given birth to my sister and me. She is a knockout! Even from the short glimpse I got of her breasts she looked hot!...with handful size breasts and huge nipples that looked just right for sucking.

I reached for some tissues on my night stand and quickly brought them up to the underside of my pulsating cock. I looked down at my cock as it started to shoot my cum into the tissues.... pulse after wild pulse deposited more and more of my cum into the already soaked tissues. I was whispering to myself.....

"This cums for you MOM!"

My knees almost gave out as I experienced one of the strongest orgasms I ever felt.

My mind went reeling from the orgasm I just had and thought of working out together with mom!...

"Thanks dad!"

I tossed the cum soaked tissues in the waste basket next to the bed. I finished getting undressed and collapsed on my bed falling asleep quickly thinking of mom.

I woke up in the middle of the night and put my robe on to go take a leak. The house was quiet and as I made my way down the hallway towards the bathroom I saw a dim light coming out from underneath my parents bedroom. I walked as quietly as I could trying not to make any noise. As I approached their shut door I heard them whispering. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying at first, so I placed my left ear to their door and heard mom talking to dad.

".....Our Jr. sure shoots quite a big load!...Look at these cum soaked tissues!...I found them in his wastebasket when I went to checkup on him before turning in."

My heart sank! and my cock was getting hard under my robe making its way out. My right hand found the hot fleshy staff and my mind was racing. Mom found my cum soaked tissues...but she didn't sound like she was upset or mad. I still had my left ear glued to their door as I heard my dad say.

"Did you see his cock?"

"No, he was sleeping on his stomach. But I'll tell you something...I bet you he is hung like you. Look at these tissues. He must of shot one hell of a load!..."

"Mary, you look very sexy sucking on those tissues...look what you did to my cock, it's as hard as a piece of steel....

I heard sucking noises and was picturing my mom as she sucked my cum out of the tissues. My own cock was hard as a rock. And then it struck me!

"My parents were perverts!....I should talk....Here I was listening to them behind closed doors with my own hard cock in my hands!"

A sudden thought hit me. My father being a dentist had one of those little dentist mirrors that he sticks in his patients mouths so he could examine the backside of their teeth. I made my move to the bathroom to retrieve that mirror from the medicine cabinet and would try to use it under the door. When I returned I knelt down quietly and then laid down on my stomach. I placed the little mirror under the space at the bottom of the door as I felt my hard cock trying to drill its own way into the carpet. My hand was shaking so much it was hard to find the right angle of the reflection. But I was determined. And I was hearing them better thru that space also.

I finally, after what seemed an eternity got the mirror adjusted just right and saw mom standing naked next to dad who was laying on the bed stroking his huge cock. I figured that he had to be around 9 inches long and very thick...alot thicker than my own cock...I wished that I would have a cock like his when I got older. He was slowly atroking his uncircumcised cock peeling down his foreskin with every down stroke exposing his shiny cockhead as he watched my mom sucking on my cum soaked tissues. I heard him telling her.

"You really like Jr's cum...don't you? look really hot. How long have you been doing this with our sons cum?....tell me!"

I saw mom smile at dad and she gave him an sultry smile. She then took the tissues from her mouth and replied.

"Ever since he started to leave me these gifts yea