FreeThe further adventures of Sam and Carrie. Sex Pics

How I was blackmailed into slavery by my sadistic stepmother.

For nearly a minute she stared at the instrument as Don held it before her. Another thought struck her. That polished wood handle looked the right size and shape to penetrate her. At this idea a wild shiver went through her body.

Then Don slowly moved closer. He moved the handle and let the soft leather tails trail over her bare skin, across the taut globes of her bottom, over her shoulders, and over her breasts and clamped nipples. He repeated this several times and moved behind her. Suddenly Kelly heard the instrument moving through the air and before she had a chance to consider what was happening she felt the small sting as the nine strands landed on her bottom. Seconds later another blow, somewhat harder, landed, striking her ass at a slightly different angle.

Several times Kelly had made some remark about wanting to be whipped, but she had assumed that Don was happy with the paddles, strap and crop they had been using. Now she was getting her wish and she found the stimulation even better than she had dreamed. Don continued to strike harder until she was crying out at each lash and her bottom was turning pink and becoming criss crossed with darker red lines. Still, she trusted Don not to do any real damage and gave herself over to the sexual arousal the whipping was causing. Then, as she had anticipated, Don began to strike her elsewhere: her stomach, her thighs, her breasts. He spread some blows around her body, but still most of the strokes, and definitely most of the hard, stinging strokes, landed on her firm ass. Don continued the lashing for several minutes. Then Kelly was suddenly caught off guard as she felt herself begin to approach orgasm. Before she had fully comprehended what was happening she had begun to convulse in the throws of climax, crying out and straining against her bonds as she did so.

Don was caught as off guard as Kelly had been, but when she started to climax, he eased back on the flogging and finally stopped altogether. He stood transfixed, his hand lightly grasping his own cock, as the lovely young woman shuddered through a series of convulsions. As she began to slow down and come back to earth, he moved around in front of her and knelt between her open legs. Kelly was almost hanging totally by her wrists in near exhaustion when Don brought his mouth to her dripping pussy. The contact was electric, and she threw her head back and strained her muscles as he began to excite her orally. He continued, running his tongue up and down her slit, plunging inside as far as he could, and licking and tugging at her clit with his lips. After a couple of minutes of this, Kelly screamed and started to come again.

This time when she calmed down Don began to release her wrists. "I don't want to stop yet," she pleaded. "And you haven't had a chance at all."

Don laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not finished. In fact I think it's going to be a long night." He released her, but left the clamps on her nipples, and then, after letting her loosen her tight muscles, moved her over to the X-frame. "We do want to try out all of it, now don't we?" he commented.

Now Kelly saw that he had also gotten out one of their other toys, thus she was not surprised when he indicated for her to bend forwards and spread her legs, although she did not anticipate the tug of the chained clamps as they assumed a different aspect.