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Ellie has a wild summer, until someone finds out.

She squirmed even more as they ran their hands down her outstretched body till they reached her ankles, which were pulled apart and bound to the bottom posts of the bed. The two of them met at the bottom of the bed and admired their handiwork. Lyndsey lay spread-eagled on the bed, securely bound and feeling ever so slightly exposed and at their mercy.

'So Vicky, how would you like to play with your friend now?' he asked.

'I'd rather play with you,' she replied, seeing her advantage over her friend as she stepped up to embrace him. He returned her kiss passionately, twisting Vicky around and pushing her against the bed post.

'Hey, what about me?' asked Lyndsey, feeling a little left out.

'Oh, don't worry,' he replied. 'I haven't forgotten about you.' With that, he lifted Vicky's arms above her head with one hand and with the other produced a further silk tie, with which he proceeded to bind her wrists high up to the bed post. Without pause, he dropped to his knees and bound Vicky's ankles together, securing her legs to the bed post with another tie. Vicky protested at this treatment, and his reply was to place a knotted tie in her mouth which, once tightened behind her head, prevented her displeasure from being heard. Once he was sure that Vicky could neither move nor make a sound, he returned to the bed.

'I'm glad you've finally seen sense and chosen me,' Lyndsey said, smiling.

'On the contrary,' he replied. 'I've grown tired of your silly games and believe it's time to teach you both a lesson.' Just as Lyndsey realised her predicament and made to protest, he bound her mouth to match Vicky's. From his desk drawer he produced a large knife. The two girls looked at each other with fear in their eyes as they fought to escape.

However, his intentions were not to hurt them. Instead he used the knife to cut the elastic holding together Lyndsey's lace knickers. Forcibly he removed her torn underwear and the bra with it, and within seconds had done the same to Vicky, leaving both girls completely naked save only for their high heeled shoes. By now, both girls were pulling franticly at their restraints, fearing what he had planned for them and feeling very exposed and vulnerable. He stood facing Vicky and then carefully removed her wrists and ankles from the bed post, whilst still leaving them bound. He picked her up forcibly, carrying her to the end of the bed between Lyndsey's legs before holding her upright and attaching her hands to a hook concealed high above her head. Then he unfastened Vicky's ankles. He easily dodged her wild kicks as he took one ankle and attached it to the same bed post that Lyndsey's wrist was tied to. He repeated this with her other leg, then stepped back to look at the girls, examining their behaviour to see if they had any idea what he had in store for them. Neither seemed to have any clue until he released Vicky's hands and proceeded to pull her down the bed over her friend's prone body. With Vicky's hands tied to the opposite bed posts in a spread-eagled manner the two girls were in a perfect '69' position. Vicky's crotch was positioned over Lyndsey's face, and her head was forced between her friend's legs. Both girls now felt distinctly uncomfortable. They were both looking directly at each other's most private area, and each girl could see a glistening of moisture between spread pussy lips from the evening's exploits. They tried to move away from one another, however, he didn't help matters as he placed further bindings around the top of each girl's thighs, which were fastened to the relevant arm of the other girl. Now the girl's bodies were forced closer and both could detect the aroma of arousal.

He stepped back to admire the sight of these two girls bounds securely and struggling in their restraints.

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