FreeThe after story of Jack. Sex Pics

The day off.

She was dressed only in a tiny thong with a tantalizingly almost sheer front panel. Out of the sides I could see a few strands of ginger pussy hair. On her top she wore a cut down T-shirt, showing the diamond belly button stud I'd bought her for her eighteenth birthday two days before. Her boobs like her mothers were E cup and firm so held the T-shirt open and I could almost but not quite see her young firm tits.

Like her mother she had a thing for high stiletto heels that were frankly incongruous with the rest of her outfit. Ginger said goodnight and started to walk sensually up the winding open staircase to her room next to mine. As she did so her naked buttocks and hips rolled like a fifties film star.

I was sweating and as she got higher I glimpsed the underside of her breasts beneath her T-shirt. I couldn't quite see her nipples and was scared to move my position in case she caught me.

To my amazement Ginger turned and gave me a smile that was more a come on for a lover than a chaste one for her father and also gave me a teasingly slow wink. In a second she'd gone and my cock was hard as steel. This was disgusting leching after my own teenage daughter.

It was late and as I past Gingers bedroom door I noticed it was ajar. I heard the in suite shower stop and got a glimpse of my baby naked from the back. She lifted her arms as she pinned her hair up. Then she was gone to sleep naked beneath her sheets in the four-poster bed.

I stripped and took my own shower but nothing would make me forget ginger's body and thus my hard on refused to subside. I tried to sleep but my stiff cock wouldn't let me. I needed relief and jacked my cock a few times but I knew I had to see my girl naked somehow.

Though I tried to persuade myself this was wrong the devil in my loins demanded satisfaction. Almost against my will I got up and peeked through Gingers still open door. My beautiful angel lay face down with just her bum covered by the sheet. She was so lovely I had to see more.

Still naked myself with my enlarged member standing hard against my belly button I stared in amazement at her long red hair tumbling down her lithe bare back. I couldn't stand it anymore and pulled against the sheet, lifting it away from her flesh ensuring that it wouldn't wake her.

Slowly I removed it until I could see her full back view naked for the first time. Her legs were splayed a bit so getting into position I looked between her exquisite long slim freckled thighs. From the moonlight streaming through the half open door I glimpsed with a sharp intake of breath her pussy for the first time. Protruding between that very feminine pair of freckly upper thighs.

There was some ginger hair on her mons but her cunt was completely shaved. I could see her labia white with reddish freckles, a sexually beautiful slit. My cock was throbbing so I daren't touch it, as pre cum was already dripping from its tip.

As I moved round the bed appreciating every inch of her wonderful body, I was just level with her face when she moved. If she woke now she'd surly see my sixty-eight year old hard cock and leave my household for good.

I stayed stock still as she turned completely over her eyes seemingly opened, (was I caught?) but no it seemed not, she closed them immediately and lay on her back. I couldn't believe my eyes she'd settled down with her legs akimbo. I could see her massive breasts only slightly flattened by her prone position and surrounded with sexy freckles.

I had to see every part of her pussy but was frightened about being discovered so got behind the antique screen. I was now in a position to examine her genitals properly. Her outer labia were swollen and her inner lips pushing through them and opening like a pink flower. Her vagina gaped open and twitched before my eyes as her clitoris emerged from its hood.

My cock tried to persuade me to mount and fuck this wonderful girl but my mind told me it would be rape and incest so I held back! It was good that I did as a second later she put on the bedside