FreeKalina receives punishment for disobedience. Sex Pics

A routine medical exam takes a surprising turn.

"Will you eat my pussy? It's so lonely."

"Before and after, and maybe once in between," I assured her. Then I reached over and gathered one of her enormous breasts in my hand. She snuggled a little closer, if that was possible, and rubbed her pussy against my thigh, and jacked my joint playfully a couple of times.

"You're such an awful man, Randy. Awful nice, that is to say." She maneuvered her body to where she could comfortably pushed one of her nipples into my mouth. "Gotta start somewhere," she muttered. "Oooh," she sighed in response to my finger sliding into her wet pussy. "That's a good starting place, too."

Using my tongue I fondled her nipple vigorously until I could feel her arousal juices oozing onto my hand. My cock was begging for more attention. Once again, Maude's intuitive nature came into play, and gently disconnecting my mouth and her nipple, she whispered into my ear.

"Got to go, lover. I'm needed elsewhere at the moment."

Confused was not adequately sufficient for this situation, but I was beside myself at her latest action. Just before I filed my protest, I realized she had moved down my body to a position where she could make contact with my cock. That warm, titillating sensation surging through my body was caused by her mouth encasing the head of my dick while her tongue massaged its tender skin. My hips involuntarily hunched in response, but Maude held my penetration to head only depth.

Who was I to complain? This woman was doing magical things with her mouth. I couldn't help but to hunch against the electricity of the event, but Maude held me to head deep limits. Then when she cautiously cupped my balls in her hand and began to rub them together in concert with the tongue massage of my dick head, I realized the point of no return was neigh at hand.

I hunched again almost uncontrollably, and this time to my surprise, my lover allowed my cock to penetrate farther. In fact, she joined my efforts by allowing my pole to reach the entrance to her throat. Once there she pulled another of her surprises.

"Aagggh," I exclaimed in surprise. She had inserted her index finger into my asshole, and not so gently pushed it to its limit. There was no pain, per se, but the initial shock was a catalyst for one of the most exciting orgasm I had ever experienced. Naturally, Maude accepted my contributions graciously and completely. She left her finger embedded in my ass until the very last spurt had come and gone.

Now with here finger out of my ass, and her mouth off of my cock, she lay breathing hard with her head resting on my belly. Of course, I was doing my own share of heavy breathing while I allowed memories of that climax float through my head.

"Randy," she said softly, "I think my pussy is warm enough for eating whenever you get ready."

"I'm not sure I have the strength to get down to it," I said jokingly.

"No problem," she chirped in the same spirit, "I'll bring it to you."

Without ceremony she rose to a kneeling position, swung her left leg across my body, and brought her massive ass cheeks to rest on my upper chest. This surprising agility on her part brought her pussy to within inches of my chin. She must have noticed the surprised expression on my face.

"The attention you have given me in the past few hours has rejuvenated me. I feel revived from a deep sleep, I feel much younger, and believe it or not I am hornier than I have been in years," she paused, "and it's all your fault, Mister." I wished I had a camera to capture the brightness in her face. More accurately, it was a glow.

To hell with the camera. Maude leaned slightly forward enough to brace herself on the headboard. This put her pussy lips in contact with my lips. I extended my tongue to its limit, and penetrated her thoroughly saturated slit.

"Oh, that feels so good, Randy.