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Finding Melissa.

It seemed strange to have two lovely women running around through my house sometimes in less than modest attire, but I soon adjusted and my involuntary hard-ons faded into distant memory.

One morning about a month after they had moved in, I noticed that the laundry basket was overflowing and took it upon myself to do the washing. As I looked at the skimpy underwear, my cock started to harden. As I smelled a stiff spot in what had to have been Lisa's panties, my cock went to full mast and started throbbing. I reached down and freed it from the legs of my running shorts, giving it a few good tugs in the process.

"Very good, Daddy. I was hoping to get your attention with Lisa's dirty panties and I see I have."

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to watch you checking out your granddaughter's underwear and to watch you jerk that lovely cock of yours." As Helen said this, she came closer to me and reaching down asked "May I?"

Her hand replaced mine on my throbbing cock and she slowly started jerking my fully engorged redheaded one-eyed monster. I heard a moan and suddenly realized that it had been my own. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. My own daughter was jerking my cock. Not only that, but she was getting me close to leaving a load of cum on her hand. Not since before my wife died had anybody paid such attention to my cock and here it was my own, loving daughter.

"Helen, don't stop. Please don't stop. I love you so very much. Just keep doing what you are doing and don't stop...ever!"

"I love you too, Daddy."

Then I felt something warm and very moist encircle the head of my rigid pole. Only when Helen pushed her tongue into my piss slit did I realize that she had taken the head of my fuck stick into her mouth. Even my wife had never done that for me before and I almost lost it right then and there, but Helen pinched off the base of my cock letting me regain some control.

"Not yet, Daddy. I have plans for that cum and you squirting it inside my mouth or over my tits is not included in those plans."

"Helen, somehow with your mouth around my dick the term 'daddy' doesn't seem quite right."

"You're right. Not yet, John...I still have plans for that cum. I want to feel it deep inside my horny cunt. I want you to fuck me eight days to Sunday before I get done with you." With that Helen slurped me back into her vacuuming mouth bringing me once again dangerously close to losing my built up load.

Pulling her gently to her feet, my cock plopped out of her mouth and I said "Honey, I think I know a better place for this to happen than in the laundry room. While we are on the way, we can get rid of these clothes."

"Sounds like a plan." She led me down the hallway to my bedroom's king size bed tossing first her blouse and shorts to the floor and hopping as she rid herself of her almost sheer blue panties. The matching bra never made it into my bedroom. Her jiggling ass had my cock at full mast and hurriedly bobbing its way after her. My own clothes hadn't made it past the kitchen.

Helen fell face-up on the bed and I roughly pulled her to the edge before dropping to my knees. I may have be reticent about fucking her in the beginning, but my little head was now doing all the thinking and my tongue got good and stiff as I bent between her lovely smooth thighs. The smell was an aphrodisiac and the sight was enticing. My tongue gently parted her nether lips on its way to her clit. When I got to her clit, Helen let out a loud moan which I took to be a good sign since she also pulled my face tighter into her steaming crotch.

As my tongue circled her love bud, Helen started humping my face faster and faster. Suddenly she screamed "Daddy, I love you! God, how much I love you. I wish I could have married you instead of Donald. He never did this for me. I-I-I-I...God damn! I'm c-c-cumming!" Her body went tense and I gently kept licking her slit until she calmed down again. Then I started kissing my way upwards eventually getting to her lovely twin peaks.

Helen's nipples were dark co