FreeTranny guitarist gives head to secure a venue for the band. Sex Pics

Time has let Cathy grow bigger, maybe nicer, so I’m for it.

It was however good to see she'd now understood the game, and while clearly still ill-at-ease with the caning to come she was more at home with the second condition placed before her.


"There's more?"

"This is not something I am going to tell you to do. This is something you're going to ask me to do, tonight and then on the last Sunday of every month." She looked at me, slowly taking on this last act of subservience. "That will demonstrate your commitment to me."

She knew I was taking advantage of the situation, but she also knew I was very sore at her and was going to make her pay. We talked this through for a bit and she admitted that she wasn't great at self discipline and it would probably do her some good in the long run if she accepted that she had me to answer to. She still didn't like it though and was scared about the caning but realised it was something she'd have to go through with. I went to get my bags.

"What the fuck is that!" I put the enema kit on the coffee table.

"So you're clean when I fuck that slutty arse of yours."

"Oh my God, I didn't realise I would have to..."

"It'll be a lot more messy if you don't," playing on her squeamishness about anything faecal. "And once you're empty, you'll need this," adding a medium-sized black butt-plug on the table with a tube of lube. That new gay store in the local shopping precinct had caused a few letters of complaint to the local paper but I believe they did a roaring trade; they'd certainly relieved me of more money than I had expected.

"What...I'll never get that up me!"

"Oh, you will, that's what the lube's for, besides which it's not quite as wide as what's going to follow". She harrumphed. "I reckon you've probably got enough suitable lingerie to make a good job, but I decided on one last detail," placing the feminine razor and super-soft shaving foam out. "All of it," I nodded in the vague direction of her bikini area.


"Who's going to see?" I chuckled, "Unless, you're thinking of another trip down the dirt track with James!" She scowled. Shaving down there was not as prevalent as it is these days, but I could never understand the point of pubes when what was underneath was so much more beautiful.

After a quick demonstration of how to use the enema kit I sent her off to prepare while I took the cane out of the long cardboard tube they had provided in the shop. It surprised me that there wasn't so much as an eyebrow raised from the young man serving me, or the fact that they seemed to have a plentiful supply of tubes. I had made a mental note to look out for other people carrying them as information about this particular kink of mine was hard to come by in the days before the internet.

I cleared away the bags and pulled out the small dining table we had to a more central position, and opened a bottle of wine enjoying the fact that for once I didn't have to wash the glasses. I tried to read a magazine but couldn't really concentrate given the impending activities. Finally I heard the bathroom door open and Debbie's naked feet pad to the bedroom, so I nipped in to the shower to freshen up. A few minutes later I walked back in to the sitting room in my jeans and with the bottle of lube she'd left on the bath; I was quite surprised to see her already there. She turned to me, lipstick-stamped glass in hand, "Slutty-enough?"

She knew how to play me, for sure.