FreeTexting betweens friends heats up to something more. Sex Pics

She was innocent and virgin.

"Baby girl, you're turning into one fine little cuntlapper" Marina moaned as Alicia began licking her pussy. "Take off my bikini too baby, I'm getting hot for your little tongue. Yes baby, I think you need some more practice though -- so I guess I can let you practice on me, if I must!" she teased.

Alicia pushed her tongue into Marina's cunt and probed around. The sexy brunette had an edible pussy, but Marina yearned to try some other girls. As she licked and sucked, her stepmother arched her body upwards for more tongue, which Alicia was more than happy to provide. Hmm ... other girls. Would Marina be willing to try that? Alicia, despite her brave facade, wasn't sure she should approach any of the girls she knew. Hmm -- she would have to talk it over with Marina -- later. Right now, hot lezzie sex was on the menu.

Clumsily at first, the pair moved into a sixty-nine and began to have at it. Marina's hands caressed Alicia's tanned thighs while she ate pussy, laving the girl with her tongue and trying not to feel guilty. She hoped that Jim would understand her need for other women was a primal one, should he ever find out -- because after her times with the blonde sexkitten, she knew she couldn't stop again. The way she felt while eating pussy or sucking nipples, the way Alicia was making her feel as their bodies rubbed together -- it was all too wonderful to stop.

Alicia loved Marina's ass and as she ate pussy, she licked up to Marina's gorgeous tush. One of these days, she was going to ask Marina to let her fuck that ass -- or perhaps she could convince Marina to ask Daddy to fuck her there and let her watch. She still wanted that, more than almost anything -- to watch her father fuck this young brunette she was coming to adore. She slurped and sucked, pulling Marina's clit into her sucking lips and hearing the other woman moan, although muffled by Alicia's own jerking, spasming cunt.

The ladies climaxed a few minutes later and snuggled together. Then Marina's eyes shot open and she went "Oh shit, baby, get dressed!"

Alicia looked over at her panicked stepmom and went "Marina, what the fuck's wrong?"

"I called someone to clean the pool and it's ten minutes before noon. I don't want anyone seeing me naked -- well, aside from you and your father." she chuckled.

"I'll cover up mommy, but I want to get a bit more sun -- shit, I hate tan lines though!" Alicia griped as she put on the skimpy blue bikini she'd been wearing before her impromptu session with Marina.

"You can sunbathe nude later darling -- I'll even come and put on some more sunblock, but the pool man should be here any minute! Marina smiled as she went into the house. "I'll go mix us a nice cool drink and prepare some lunch -- I need to get some of my energy back, you wear me out!" she sighed.

Alicia was trying hard not to adore Marina, but her seductive stepparent was making it difficult. Everything about Marina reeked of sex -- she oozed it from every pore. Her walk, her smile, the way she moved -- she was alluring and it was hard to resist. Alicia thought about the feel of Marina's body against her own, the slidy tongue gliding all over her wet pussy-lips, the way Marina's body smelled when she was aroused and Alicia began to get horny again. She was just about to go inside and find a vibe and get herself off when she heard a voice from behind her.

"Hey -- I'm Tim, I'm here to clean the pool. Are you Mrs. Phillips?"

"Do I look like a Mrs? I'm .... "

Oh, MYYYY!!!! Alicia had rarely seen a specimen so beautiful in all her life. She was going to say something rather snotty, she knew, but it had been knocked out of her. Tim was a gorgeous piece of maleness. Tall, with curly blonde hair that was styled, but on him, it worked. Buff -- solid muscle, ripped biceps, a solid chest, legs that made up half of his -- she would estimate 6'4" torso -- the only thing Alicia couldn't see were his eyes, hidden behind sunglasses as they were.

Okay -- Alicia calm