FreeWoman cuckolds her new husband. Sex Pics

A transvestite's date turns rough.

He sits across from me and we talk for a while. The whole time, my mind is wandering, wanting more of his touch. Wishing we were anywhere but here, just so I can feel his hands on my body, his flesh against mine.

I barely know this man, but he brings out a side of me that I thought was gone forever. I dream of telling him how much I want him, how much I need to feel him inside of me. But I'm scared. I worry that he's only flirting and doesn't really want me the way I want him. Then he leaves, and I'm left with an empty feeling. Wishing he were here, holding me, kissing me, making love to me. I have to go to the ladies room, yet again to relieve the pent up desire that he causes. I don't understand how a man can do this to me. How can I cum at the thought of his touch or the sound of his voice? If I feel this way without ever having made love to him, what would happen if we did actually make love?

I dream of walking into a room where he is alone. I come up behind him and put my arms around him and lie my head on his back. I tell him all the things that I've thought of for the past months and tell him how bad I want him. He turns to face me and takes my face in his hands. He tells me that he wants me too and that he has dreamed of this moment as much as I have. He then puts his lips on mine, opens his lips slightly and teases my lips with his tongue. I open my mouth and our tongues move together in some ancient dance, a ceremony as old as time. He pulls me close to him and I feel the hardness of him pressing into me. I've wanted this for so long, but I want it to last.

He starts to take my shirt off. As he starts to pull it over my head I stop him. I sit him down on the bed and slowly I take my shirt off. As it goes over my head I feel his tongue on my stomach, slowly going upwards towards my bare breasts. I pull the shirt over my head and leave my hands up in the air, savoring his lips on my skin. He understands how much I want this to last and takes his time. He slowly teases me, taking one nipple in his mouth, slowly licking and nibbling. Then he moves to the other side, making sure he touches every inch of skin in between. I start to gasp and pull his head closer to me, begging him to take all of me in his mouth. He does and I feel the small tremors begin, so I pull away. I could cum so easy, just from his lips on my breast, but not yet.

I then unzip my pants and slowly begin to lower them. I'm very conscious of the stretch marks on my stomach and try to hide them with my hands. He moves my hands away and softly and lovingly kisses each one and tells me that I'm beautiful. He continues to push my pants down until I am able to step out of them. He stands up and holds me against him. It feels oddly comforting to be standing there completely nude while he is fully dressed. Instead of any shame or embarrassment, I only feel pleasure

He then asks me to lie down on the bed. I do so and he lies down on top of me, still fully clothed. I ask him if he plans to undress, he says no, that he wants to completely enjoy me first. He kisses me and I feel electric shocks run through my body. He starts to kiss my body, going down slowly until his face is between my legs. He is breathing heavily on me and I can feel my clit getting harder. I am dying for him to lick me, to stick his tongue inside me, but he goes down beside my wetness and starts kissing my inner thighs instead. He continues to lick and kiss my body, but never once does he taste me.

I then beg him to let me undress him.