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Just to minimize any conflicts of interest."

"But dear," Nancy told the girl. "Boros is an officer of the SSA too."

Shihong shook her head. "From what I understand, that's different. Boros has civilian rank as a liaison and an ambassador. That's different than being in the SSA, it's more like he can utilize the SSA and they are obligated to respond but he isn't in anyone's chain of command and only has to respond to special orders from SSA high command."

Nancy mulled that over. "That is a very succinct way of putting it Shihong." the Director nodded in approval.

"Plus, if he want's to recruit people who know their jobs and are familiar with an SSA spaceship then what better recruitment ground is there than from the ranks of the SSA themselves?"

Boros liked the idea but wasn't sure how well it would go over. "I'll ask." He told Shihong, "But Bill may have some objections."

"Just point out that the personnel they release from duty won't have to be paid by the SSA, you would be assuming that responsibility. But you are within your rights to request an attachment from the SSA while you are conducting missions to expand the influence of the Sol System Alliance. And colonization fits the bill perfectly for that." Nancy responded.
"I heard that." Bill said walking back into the room. "And she's right. I'll take a look at the base personnel after we've finished our transaction." he said smiling.

"I take it you got the go-ahead?" Boros asked.

"I didn't even need to explain. Which was odd." Bill shook his head. "Evidently your experiment isn't a secret. High command knows all about it and, at least who I talked to, is very optimistic." Bill returned to his seat and finished off his drink before pulling out an Ident reader and his holopad. "I've loaded up the bills of sale and the agreements we talked about. I'll also need to upgrade your authorization for weaponry before we can complete the deal. Just slide in your Ident card."

Boros pulled it out of his pocket, along with fourteen credit chits. "I haven't uploaded any credits to my profile yet." Boros apologized. "I'll take care of that after you update my authorization." Boros slipped hs Ident card into the reader.

Bill made the updates then passed the reader to Boros. One after the other he inserted the credit chits into the reader and emptied their balances into the account attached to his profile. It took some time for him to finish because of the security he had on the chits. Ordinarily a credit chit could be used by anyone who had possession of it. Boros had encrypted his, and each one required a different twenty digit alphanumeric key. When he had finished with the last one, Bill passed him the holopad for him to look over the agreement and sale contracts. The Admirals eyes grew very wide when he saw the sum Boros had loaded into his profile when they both had to authorize the transaction with a DNA reader.

"Good Lord, Man. I should have bargained harder!" Bill laughed. "I even rounded down the price to the closest hundred million. Just because you were spending so much."

"How much for everything?" Nancy asked Boros.

"Five hundred for the Star Cruiser, the Corvette, and both of their infrastructure upgrades. Four hundred each for the Aires Gunships, two hundred fifty each for the Aires Transports, and one hundred for all of the five support ships for the cruiser. Two point four billion total. But I'm estimating another five hundred million for parts, supplies, and equipment before we are ready to set out."

Sam and Shihuang's eyes were wide at the huge figures Boros was talking about with a smile.