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"Emily will be surprised to see you!" Lilly jumped on my lap.

"You didn't tell her I was coming?" I was stunned by her revelation.

"Not a chance! The only way you are going to win over mom is by a surprise attack." Lilly giggled. "Parker whatever you do don't mention what's in the box. Not yet. That will be your ace in the hole."

Lilly gave me that wicked smile she and Rose shared. I knew at that moment she was on my side.

"So the answer is still no?" I asked confused.

"Parker, Emily is my mom and my dad. I will give you an answer after you ask her permission." Lilly winked. "It will mean so much to her."

"I have a feeling I'm being set up here." I replied

Lilly kissed me. "Be patient, you will know when the time is right."

"So when do I meet her?" I asked getting nervous.

"They should be home soon." Lilly looked at the clock.

"Is there anything else I should know about your mom?" I asked.

"Mom knows about Rose and me." Lilly giggled.


"They're here, now don't move." Lilly cut me off. "Whatever you do don't get up and greet Emily" Lilly said firmly. "Just go with the flow, this is California. Mom will push all your buttons. Parker she really is crazy!"

So there I sat in a house halfway across the country with a woman I had only known for a few months. I was waiting to meet her mother, who, she assured me was crazy, and I was as nervous as I can ever remember.

Lilly went to the door waiting for it to open, she looked back to make sure I was still sitting. For just an instant our eyes met, and in that instant a calmness came over me I can't explain. I was here for a reason, I wasn't exactly sure what it was, but I was meant to be here.

The door opened and in walked Rose with what looked like a bag of groceries.

"Here let me help." Lilly offered.

Rose looked at Lilly surprised she was waiting for her. Lilly put her hands out and instinctively Rose handed her the bags.

"Someone is here to see you." Lilly smiled and nodded in my direction.

Rose looked my way and the moment she saw me I knew she too had no idea I was coming. I started to stand but Lilly glared and shook her head. I turned my attention to Rose. Our eyes locked on each other and I could see the turmoil she was presented with.

She had left and I had come. Would I be a welcome visitor or someone she hoped to forget? Rose hesitated, she looked back at Lilly, and even I could see she was getting emotional.

"He came for you?" Rose asked Lilly excitedly.

"For both of us Rose." Lilly whispered and then leaned in to kiss her cheek. "And to deal with Baxter."

Rose looked at me, it took all the willpower I had not to move. I smiled and nodded.

"Parker!" Rose squealed.

It was like a dam of pent up emotions bursting free. Rose ran to me and threw her arms around me as I stood to greet her. Lilly quickly scolded me with her eyes but there was no way I could hold back any longer.

Rose's momentum carried me back into the couch and I wrapped her up returning her passionate kiss. I didn't even see their mother come in as Rose continued to kiss me.

She released my lips only to pull herself deeper into my lap. I wrapped her up tighter as if protecting her from harm. She then snuggled her face against my shoulder.

"Please just hold me." Rose whispered.

Their mom walked to the kitchen not even looking my way. She looked to be in her mid to late forties. Her face looked younger but the long greying hair under a floppy hat made her appear older. Emily wore no makeup, she was only slightly tanned. There was an earthy look about her.

Like the twins she is petite, dressed like an old hippy, it was hard to gauge her real form. Small chested for sure, small but not a dainty waist I guessed, part of her thin legs with narrow ankles were visible.

There was a tie dyed tee shirt under a light denim shirt tied off above her waist.