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A man's sissy girl is to become his very public little bitch.

Thai continued to stroke his cock and worked himself toward another ejaculation. I felt my own building as my toes curled and tingles ran through my legs. I stayed in his ass for the first shot and then I pulled my cock from him and aimed it at his anus. Two more streams coated his hole and mingled with the first as it oozed form his anus. I stroked my cock squeezing out the remaining semen and then I pushed it back in his ass.

"Ah," he cooed as he felt my re-entry.

He kept stroking his cock with mine nestled in his ass. Once again his sphincter clenched my shaft when he came a second time. His release was not as forceful or voluminous as the first but it was substantial and his chest was bathed in semen. I left my cock soften in his ass and slip out. Thai sighed when he felt the void in his bottom.

"I'm so happy you came to me this morning Mister Walt."

"Yeah, well I am too. I couldn't resist your ass this morning."

"I shower now and then make breakfast."

"No, let's both shower and get dressed. I'll take you out to breakfast today."

We showered separately, dressed and then I took Thai to my favorite place for a light breakfast. It was a French bakery that had great lattes and delicious fresh baked bread. He opted for tea and a fruit tart while I had my usual, a soft boiled egg, French bread and a latte. We had a leisurely breakfast as the day was overcast and drizzly. There was no need to rush as we would be in the house all day.

Two hours later we returned to the house and I was in the mood to use the Jacuzzi. Thai joined and we walked down to the hot tub with towels wrapped around our waist. We were both naked underneath but unconcerned as the backyard was completely private. I watch Thai drop his towel and get into the Jacuzzi and my cock stirred when I got another glimpse of his marvelous ass. It was amazing how his ass had such an effect on me.

After about an hour of soaking in the warm bubby water we were ready to go back to the house. We got out, dried off and wrapped the towels around us. As we walked back to the house I watched Thai's buttocks undulate beneath the towel wrapped tightly around his lower body. By the time we reached the house my cock was stiff and pushing out the front of the towel. Thai went into the kitchen to put some water on for tea and I followed him never taking my eyes off of his ass outlined in the damp towel.

I dropped my towel, walked up behind him released his towel and let it fall to the floor. My stiff dick brushed against his warm shapely buttocks and he reached back to stroke it. I slid it up and down in the crack of his ass and a smidge of pre-cum leaked from the slit.

"Mister Walt, very horny today, I go and get the cream."

"No stay," I told him and I went to the kitchen cabinet and got the vegetable oil.

I applied the oil to my cock and fingered his anus with a slippery finger. Thai leaned over and held onto the refrigerator door handle as I prepared us for another butt fuck. Given the difference in our height, I had to squat down slightly to line up my cock with his asshole. I pressed forward and my oily dick slid in like a knife through hot butter.

It was the first time we ever fucked in the kitchen and it was somewhat erotic. I loved the way his ass was accentuated as he held to the door handle. He was groaning and murmuring sounds of pleasure as I slowly but steadily fucked his sweet ass. With one hand he guided my oily hand to his tiny erection and I jerked him off as I fucked him. Then he reached between our legs and fondled my testicles. The sensation was mind blowing and within minutes I was hooting another load into him.

He came quickly too and I felt his sphincter contract around my shaft each time his cock pulsated.

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