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A female employee. Embezzlement. Blackmail.

One night while I was eating her sweet pussy, I asked her if she would like to me to ask Danny to join us. She almost fucked me to death!

One summer weekend we were spending the weekend with Danny and his wife. As usual we were playing cards late at night. It was a warm summer Friday night. We had had a few drinks and the talk turned to sex. Danny's wife said she was tired and going to bed and she took some kind of pill to help her sleep. We said good night and continued playing cards for about another hour.

Danny said he was going out on the front porch to enjoy the night air. Sandy and I decided to join him. Danny and I went out while Sandy went to change into her nightgown. Danny sat on the porch swing and I sat on the outside edge of the porch in another swing across from him. I could see inside the house from where I sat. When Sandy walked out, my dick got rock hard.

She had on a sexy see-through blue gown and panties. You could see her beautiful tits, long nipples, and her trimmed dark pussy hair through the panties. She was carrying a robe over her arm. When she came to stand in front of me, I asked her, "Do you plan on getting lucky tonight or something?"

Sandy replied, "I certainly hope so!"

"With which one of us?" I asked, pointing to Danny and myself.

"Maybe both, who knows!" Sandy said on a laugh and put on her thin cotton robe.

Danny just watched as we joked along, but I could see a bulge growing in his pants. I nodded my head towards Danny and Sandy's eyes followed mine. A grin showed up as she saw what was happening. Our talk was still pretty sexy; we all seemed to be in the mood.

I asked Danny if he liked what Sandy was wearing, and he said that it was beautiful and not fair.

"Not fair? What do you mean?" I asked.

He laughed and said, "If I got to look at her much longer I would have to go jack off! Since my wife is out like a light, it is not fair!"

We all laughed.

I reached over, untied her robe, and pulled it open enough to reveal her firm tits and hard nipples. There was enough light from the porch lamp that you could clearly see everything through the thin material of her gown. As I pinched Sandy's nipples, they stood out about an inch. Danny seemed mesmerized. Danny whispered "You guys are going to get in me in so much trouble" but her never stopped looking at her tits.

I chuckled and tugged her robe open until her panties were showing. Danny couldn't even speak.

"Danny there is plenty of room over here, join us." I said as pulled the robe away completely. Danny walked over to us and sat down stiffly. He looked unsure of what to. Sandy solved the problem by placing his hand on her tit.

He was holding her tit and started to play with those beautiful nipples.

I whispered into Sandy's ear, "Is he hard yet?"

Sandy reached over and placed her hand on his cock through his pants. "Oh yes, he is hard." Sandy said as she groped his cock. I watched Danny drop his head back and groan.

Danny moaned again, "You are going to get me in trouble."

Sandy giggled and said, "I will show you trouble!" She slid off the swing and knelt in front of Danny. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to expose his cock. Danny lifted his hips to allow her to pull his pants and underwear off; I guess he wanted the trouble we were offering

Sandy licked around the head of his cock and then swallowed it down. He was bigger than my six inches, and slightly thicker than me, but Sandy had no trouble taking him down. This was the first time somebody else was enjoying my wife's talents since we had been married. My cock was aching to be free so I pulled off my slacks and underwear. I began stroking my cock to the rhythm of her mouth on his cock.

Danny gently held her head and began fucking her mouth.