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Startled, due mostly to the fact that I haven't been paying attention, I turn around and see her and I'm awe struck. Lacy is standing there in a little summer nightie, on the boat ramp, waiting for'd I get so lucky to find a lover like her? The light over the ramp shines such that I can't really see anything but her silhouette, which perfectly shows the outline of her lovely body, and her hair gently flowing in the light river breeze.

"WOW, you look gorgeous," I exclaim as I begin falling all over myself to get my fishing rod put away and get the boat over to the dock before someone comes along and snatches her up.

As the boat hits the ramp, I reach out my hand to assist her on board. Chivalry may be rare, but it's alive and well on my vessel. As our hands touch, I'm reminded of how her fingertips feel on my body, and it sends a cold chill down my spine. Lacy steps onto my boat and the breeze wisps a freshly showered scent across my nostrils. We exchange hugs and kisses, and my nose hits her shoulder in our embrace.

"Man, you smell great." I tell her.

Once we are seated I fire up the jet and we motor off in the darkness of night, leaving a lingering scent; a mix of Lacy's perfume and 2-stroke exhaust, both distinct, but odd together.

When we reach the long, slow moving hole of water that is my secret, I coast to a stop and shut the motor down and everything gets quiet. I put my arm around her and pull her in close and say "I've really missed you lately."

My hand slides down her back and I notice she isn't wearing a bra. I think to myself "well duh, she was getting ready for bed, dumbass."

I'm so excited with Lacy sitting this close to me, the way she looks and smells, the reflection of the stars and water give her eyes the appearance of twinkling. I place kisses on her arm starting at the elbow, moving up to her shoulder. She immediately responds by placing her hand on the inside of my thigh and says "I've missed this." She leans forward slightly so that I can ease one arm around her back and the other arm around her waist. I kiss her shoulder, then across her collar bone to her neck, ending with a gentle nip. She is gazing up at the sky, enjoying the sensations. The hand that is at her waist wastes no time in finding one of her perfect breasts. I gently hold and squeeze it, and I can feel Lacy's nipples popping out through her nightie. My hands ease down the thin and flimsy top to expose her beautiful breasts and she turns toward me to give me a perfect view. After staring at them for a moment my eyes return to hers and we kiss, very wet, our tongues mingle, and we nibble at each other's lips.

I spread a beach towel out on the deck of my boat, complete with throw cushions and life jackets. We stand and kiss and fondle each other while I'm trying to get undressed. I slip Lacy's panties off and lay them on top of my tackle box. I reach for the hem of her nightie and say, "Let's get rid of this."

Lacy resists, "I would prefer to leave it on, in case someone shows up unexpectedly." Then she says, "Lie down on your back," so I oblige.

To my surprise, she straddles my face, facing toward my feet, and squats down. I can't resist raising my head to lick and lap at her clit. Feeling my tongue and mouth on her, Lacy instinctively rests on her knees, then leans forward and holding my cock at the base, takes it in her mouth.

"Oh god that feels good," I mumble, barely audible. The feel of Lacy's hard nipples tickles my lower abdomen as she moves up and down on my cock. The sounds of wet slurping, sucking, and kisses, is all that can be heard over the lap of the water against the side of the boat. The sound and vibrations of each other moaning and humming...mmm...feels so good.

Lacy's humming intensifies as the feel of my tongue on her clit makes her tighten her grip on my cock as she bursts into orgasm. I hear "Mwah, yesss" as my cock slips out of her mouth.

Lacy stands and I move out of the way, and then she lowers herself back to all fours on the fishing deck.

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