Andrew's sexy quest to save the Princess. Porn Video

Watching from the bush, twice.

He kissed down into her cleavage and up the slope of her other breast, eagerly sucking that one into his mouth. By this point he was far gone -- this beautiful goddess was almost completely naked.

Grabbing the sides of her bikini bottoms he shoved them downwards, half expecting them to just fall to her ankles. But they were surprisingly tight, much like the top was. So he pulled downwards again, this time actually dragging them down to her knees and revealing the rectangle of her pubic hair. Once at her knees, they then fell to her ankles.

"Uh...I kinda need that too." She joked again, but she had no problem stepping each foot out of them and becoming completely naked for her ex-boyfriend.

He kissed her again, forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hands reached around her naked body and grabbed her soft ass. He backed her up a step. And then another. She broke the kiss.

"Are you sure?" she asked, giving him one last opportunity. She didn't want to be the one to break their agreement. She wanted to be certain that this is what he wanted.

Wordlessly, he took her by the arm and spun her towards the other couch. He caught sight of her beautiful tanned ass for the first time in years -- the last time they slept together it was dark, so it had been years since he'd last seen those cheeks shake with each step she took. He tore off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. As he stepped up to her, he undid his shorts and shoved them and his underwear down, unleashing his rigid cock.

Then he was kissing her again and slowly laying her down on the couch. He was straddling her leg as his tongue darted into her mouth, and his hand slid up her smooth stomach to grasp her soft breast. Tingles shot through her body when he squeezed it and she was also conscious of his hard penis pressing against her upper leg. Their lips smacked loudly as they kissed over and over again, and then he was kissing down her neck.

She raised her head and he sucked on her skin hungrily. He kissed down her warm chest as she opened her legs a little wider, allowing him to get in between them. They were breathing laboriously as he ran his mouth up the slope of her breast and eagerly sucked her hard nipple. He released it loudly and then sucked it again, this time teasing his tongue back and forth across it. He kissed down into her cleavage and then up her other breast as his hand squeezed it lustfully. He briefly sucked that nipple into his mouth.

Jacob then began to kiss his way down Marie's tanned stomach. He sucked the skin just beneath her belly button ring. Lower and lower he kissed, getting closer to the tuft of neatly-trimmed pubic hair. He noticed that she had recently shaved her bikini line -- the rectangle was smaller than he remembered and he could see a tiny little cut from shaving. It drove the point home that this was for real -- this was really happening.

He slid his hands underneath her soft ass as he slid a little lower into position. Her pussy lips were very swollen and quivering. He gave them a soft kiss for the first time in years and she sucked in her breath. He turned and kiss the inside of her thigh at the very top, sucking on her skin. Then he turned and kissed the other side. Then he gave her slit another gentle kiss. Then another one. Then he looked at her lips for a moment, taking in their beauty, as well as the situation that he was in.

Should he continue? He was married. He could hurt her. What if Marie became too attached to him again and he to her? It could ruin things. All these questions bounced around his head.

But he was staring at such a beautiful pussy. And he was drawn to it. He leaned forward and gently kissed her slit again. He was lost.

Jacob's tongue darted out and he slowly licked from the bottom of Marie's vaginal lips up to the top, nudging her clit.


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