FreeKendra finally lets her guard down. Are her pants next? Sex Pics

Three times the charm.

"I'm just going door to door to remind people that the floor meeting is tonight at 6 in my room. I just want to make sure that no one forgets."

Spencer, speaking up for the whole group, announces "We'll be there! You don't have to worry about us."

"I am a bit worried about yall if yall show up like you are right now" Lance said looking Spencer up and down.

Noticeably embarrassed and turning red, Jeff spoke up "Shit, I totally forgot! But come on man, it ain't like it's something you aint never seen before."

"Hey man, I don't judge. I just ask that you show a little more discretion at tonight's meeting and in the hallways. That's all!"

Both Jeff and Spencer nod in agreement.

"Well I have a couple more doors to knock on so I'm gonna get moving, but I'll see you guys later."

Not a minute before the door closes they are back to playing video games. After another 30 minutes, Spencer turns to the others and says "I just realized that I haven't eaten all day. Let's go grab some grub."

"Who the fuck still uses the word GRUB?" asked Devante.

"Man shut the fuck up!" replied Spencer "Can we just go check out that dining hall over in Smith Hall?"

"ActuallY I'm hungry too! I'm in" commeneted Jeff.

After getting dressed the three headed out the door. Not only did they go out and find food, they even took some time to familiarize themselves with the campus prior to the hustle and bustle of the first week of classes in a few days. By the time they got back it was time for them to head down to Lance's room.

The meeting was pretty standard with Lance outling the general rooms and policies of the dorm. At the end of the meeting Lance informed all of the residents that he would like to briefly meet with each room individually to get to know them. He told them to sign up for a time when both roommates were free outside the door.

Spencer looked over at Devante "Wanna see if he can just do our right now and get it over with?"

"I don't care. Ain't like I got shit to do."

As the crowd began to thin, Spencer walked over to Lance and asked, "Do you have time to do ours right now so we can just get this over with?"

"Just get this over with... Wow! Well aren't you excited?

"I didn't mean it like that, I was just saying"

"Naw, I understand. I'm actually on my way out but I guess I got a sec. That is, if you don't mind if I change while we talk, which based on earlier I couldn't imagine that you would."

By now the room was clear and everyone had left but Devante and Jeff.

"That's cool, and Jeff is going to join us. He's basically our other roommate since he lives in a single at the end of the hall."

"Damn dude, you got this placed decked out. This big ass TV, a bedroom and a living room, and you got yo own private bathroom." Commented Devante.

"Hey man, just part of the job" Lance said removing his shirt and applying some deodorant. "So tell me a little bit about you guys."

Jeff started, "Well I'm originally from Chicago, me and Spencer went to high school together and I'm here majoring in computer science and... what else what else... That's basically it. I like to play video games and kick back."

"Ok, interesting! What about you?" he said pointing at Spencer before lowering his pants and throwing his boxers in the hamper.

"Well, I'm here studying electrical engineering, actually my dad went here to for undergrad. I mean there's nothing special about me. I'm pretty easy going and just looking to have a kick ass freshmen year."

"You heard the rules early right? I'm all about you having a little fun and me being laid back but you start doing stupid stuff and I'll have to show you a whole 'nother side of me" Lance said before bending over to look in his drawer for some new boxers.

"Oh, show us a whole new side of you? Kinda like you're doing now huh?" Devante said as he looked over to see a full view of Lances beautiful rose bud, puckering pink hole.

"Listen! Don't judge me cuz I surely didn't judge yall when I came down there earlier after yall had just got done