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A golden opportunity does not go to waste.

When he turned to look for a place to sit and eat, his own eyes quickly found the source of the feeling. The cute guy from the dorm was here and staring at him. As he looked him over, Tim wasn't positive it was who he thought it was, but he grinned and headed straight for the table to find out. Even if this guy wasn't the cousin he hadn't seen in so long, he wanted to meet this guy anyway. Sauntering over casually, he dropped down at the table next to him to settle the mystery.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben was a combination of total fear and nearly unrestrained excitement as the hunk came closer. When he picked the table next to him to sit at, Ben felt his cock begin to grow. He wanted to speak, but his mouth wouldn't work. As he kept stealing glances at the guy's face, Ben's brain was fighting with itself. 'It has to be him. But it's been four years. Are you sure? I think so. Then say something and find out. But what if it isn't? But what if it is?' The debate going on between his ears was making him crazy.


They traded smiles and looked at each other for a moment. Finally breaking the uneasy silence, Tim poised a one-word question. "Ben?"

"Tim? Is that really you?" he responded as his lips formed a wide smile.

Tim mirrored a big grin back. "Sure the hell is, cuz. Sonbitch! How long has it been?"

Ben offered a fist bump as he answered, "More than four years dude!"

"I saw you in the dorm bathroom the other day, but wasn't sure." Looking Ben up and down, he added, "Man you have changed. Last time I saw you, you were about a foot shorter and scrawny as an anorexic scarecrow."

Ben laughed. "Well the last time I saw you, you weren't any taller than I was and had enough baby fat yet to be the Pillsbury Doughboy's double." He stood up to move to the table with Tim, but allowed his eyes to cruise over his body first. "But you sure look a lot better now." He blushed from the bluntness of the words as he sat down.

"Good genes and four years of high school sports had a lot to do with it." Tim leaned back in his chair and gave his cousin the same once-over, but spending extra time on the upper chest showing through the thin pullover and the hard thighs stretching his shorts. 'He may be my cousin, but he is a fucking turn-on,' Tim told himself. He didn't really need to since his cock had gone to full staff while looking him over. "You've filled out real well too, Ben," he stated. 'And so has your dick if that bulge means anything,' zinged through his head. Tim's hand reached over to squeeze a thigh. "Damn! Those legs are like rocks and with those pecs, I'm guessing swim team...right?"

The touch from Tim only intensified the strain Ben's cock was making on his tight cargos. He knew he was leaking pre into his boxers too. " my junior and senior years," he stammered. 'Oh my God! I'm boning up over my cousin and can barely talk,' he thought. "That tee you're wearing says your abs are better than mine though," he complimented as he let his eyes wander down even further to check out the whole package that was his long-lost cousin. The lump he saw in the now tenting running shorts was more than obvious. Ben's brain spoke to him. 'Oh fuck! He is hard too! How wrong is this?'

The two cousins had been enjoying their reunion for only about a half hour when the announcement the student union was closing was made. Ben asked, "You want to talk some more? I managed to score a private room by accident if you do, and have a six pack of Bud we can split."

Tim livened up even more than he had been at that prospect. 'The way you have me turned on, I don't know if being alone with you is a good idea...but I don't care,' was the short-lived discussion in his brain. "Sure. My first class isn't until 10AM, so just do a last call by 2AM and I'm fine."

"Let's rock and roll then," Ben declared as he stood up.

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