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Visions of the future.

Soft moans were exchanged, as clits touched and rubbed against each other. Amanda could feel hands move inwards on her buttocks, towards her hole that waited for attention. Fingers were soon in range and began to circle the little hole, making Amanda push out her rear, trying to make the finger go in.

Olivia started to kiss Amanda's neck, then her chest, then she slowly worked her way down Amanda's body, sliding down the bed underneath her, lips on skin and hands on buttocks. When her face was level with Amanda's vagina, Olivia gently blew cold air onto it, making Amanda sit on Olivia's face without realising it. She moaned softly as she felt a tongue start lapping at her, licking up the juices that dripped from her hot and wet pussy. She began to grind on the tongue that fed, trying to force it deeper into herself, but just as she was starting to really enjoy it, Olivia stopped and slipped off of the bed completely.

"Why'd you stop?" Amanda asked, turning her head over her shoulder to look at her friend.

"Because I'm suppose to be doing your rear, not your pink!" Olivia laughed.

"Well do them both! I don't care, just make me orgasm!" Amanda laughed back. Olivia nodded and watched Amanda rearrange herself, so she was on all fours, bent over, waiting to be fucked. Olivia grinned and knelt at the end of the bed, then started to run her hands up and down Amanda's inner thighs, felling them and how wet they were, from Amanda leaking. Olivia lightly kissed Amanda's left cheek as her hands moved to caress both cheeks. She used her hands to pry apart Amanda's ass and exposed the virgin hole. Olivia gazed at it, looking at how tight it was, licking her lips in anticipation. She pressed her tongue flat against the whole, getting and instant reaction from Amanda, who sighed with pleasure. Olivia started to rim Amanda, rubbing her tongue in small circles around the hole, licking it and letting salvia drip off of her tongue, making the hole wetter. She swapped out her tongue for a finger, letting it rub circles around the hole, pressing down every now and again, making Amanda moan and start to buck her hips. Olivia cupped Amanda's vagina in her other hand, her fingers on Amanda's clit, where they pressed down and started to rub. Olivia then decided that enough was enough and she pressed her finger slowly into Amanda's tight, virgin asshole. Amanda moaned loud as she was invaded, biting her lip. Olivia grinned again as she heard the noises Amanda was making, enjoying it all. She felt something wet run down her inner thigh, as Amanda's aroma filled her nose. Breathing it in, Olivia pushed her finger all the way into Amanda's ass, then moved her thumb on her other hand and started to force that into her pussy. The double penetration sent shivers down Amanda's spine. She bucked and she squeezed on Olivia's thumb and finger, as she was double fucked. Olivia looked up at the body she was pleasuring; her finger in the ass, her thumb in the pussy and fingers massaging the clit. What more could be done? Olivia didn't know, so she started to kiss around the butt cheeks as she pounded them, hearing Amanda's cried of pleasure grow louder and louder. Amanda was twitching, trusting herself onto the hands that fucked her holes, feeling her body grow close to climaxing. Olivia felt muscles in each holes start to contract and squeeze, a sign that Amanda was close to cumming. With a last great 'push', Olivia trusted her fingers into Amanda, making her cry out with pleasure as the orgasm tore throughout her body. Amanda called out Olivia's name as she climaxed, biting her lip and tensing up her body. Both holes tightened, gripping the things that invaded them, as the body fell limp and weak, collapsing in a heap on the bed.

Olivia looked down the body of her friend, panting and breathing heavily after her orgasm. Removing her finger and thumb slowly, Olivia climbed up the bed and lay down next to Amanda.

"Oh... my God," Amanda said, panting like a dog.

"Did you like that?" Olivia asked,