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It felt so lovely to me and I couldn't resist to move my right arm around her shoulder. It was such an inviting feeling to have to feel her warm breath on my skin that I wanted to thank her for this favor and began to stroke her back gently. She seem to like it so much that I continued for some time this treatment that my hand couldn't resist the temptation to stroke her neck and her back. All this time Andrea was sleeping, but suddenly I felt that she reacted to my strokes when she gave me a look telling me how much pleasure she was having with my hand stroking her.

This look was so encouraging for me that I decided to become more bold and had my hand move around her back to her breasts and started to caress each of them gently, then to squeeze them and to move my fingers on her -already- hard nipples. I noticed that Andrea was already moaning gently. The sound of the planes engines were too loud but I was able to hear and even feel her moaning as my hand was sensing the vibrations of her chest.

Suddenly I knew that Andrea was feeling very sexy. And this made me want her so much that I was feeling such a desire to make love to her that my body was burning as much as hers. For this I let my right hand slide down her belly to the area she had no more hair growing. My hand encountered no resistance moving down there. On the contrary Andrea opened her legs to allow my hand touch her vagina. I was amazed when I made the discovery that she was there wetter than ever.

While my fingers moved around and in to her vagina I discovered how big her clitoris had swollen. It felt like a big hot cherry to my fingers. Andrea tried to whisper something to my ear but she was unable to articulate a single word. Instead a quite moaning came out of her mouth and it was following the rhythm with which my fingers rubbed her clitoris.

I felt when Andrea was about to climax and since I knew how she screams every time she experienced and orgasm I asked her kindly not to scream. The sound of the plane's engines wouldn't have prevented other passengers and crew members from hearing her scream. When we were making love I usually offered her my fingers to bite on sometimes in such occasions. This time it was impossible since I could only stroke her and rub her vagina with one hand while my left hand couldn't reach her at all without letting others notice what was going on under the blanket. However we have suspected that one of the crew members noticed something when the meal was served. For this she didn't come to offer us any coffee later...

For hours I continued rubbing Andrea's vagina, move my hands up to her breasts, her belly, her neck, her back and her buttocks. Andrea was experiencing one orgasm after an other and I felt so happy and lucky to be granted the privilege to offer her such pleasure like no other man ever offered her before. Every time our eyes met each other I praised myself so lucky that I was able to share in her happiness.

She gave me a warm, wet kiss on my mouth when we finally landed in Frankfurt. After we collected our luggage we took the subway train to the railway station and then took the train to Heidelberg. It was late in the evening then and we were lucky to get a train to our town. It was namely a slow night train offering almost no comfort at all. There were no compartments in the wagons but since we had entered an empty wagon we felt again so lucky to be alone for the first time again after several hours. I looked Andrea in her eyes suddenly after I sat down next to her and gave her a kiss. She told to me as I moved my arm again around her body: "It was very exciting what you did to me in the plane. I enjoyed every second. I love you."

I smiled at her and while my hand tried to find its way through her shirt I noticed her hand sliding down to my pants fumbling my manhood from outside.