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We arrive at the B&B; our first night.

'I want you Len, I need you. I never dreamt I could feel like this again but you have started something I don't want to finish.'

He looked at her and suddenly realised the depth of his feeling for this woman.

'But you are right,' she went on softly, 'we do need to take it a bit's just at the moment it's so good.'

He nodded.

'What say we try and keep our distance for a couple of days and see how we get on?'

'Ok,' he said simply, 'let's do that.'

A little while later she went off to see her friend and after a kiss on the landing outside her front door he went back to his own apartment. He didn't have any real plans for the day so tidied up and decided to go out to the shops. He thought about the last few days and how they had changed his life so radically and realised he was whistling - rather tunelessly it has to be said - as he went about his chores. He hadn't felt like this for a very long time.

A little later in the day he called in at the club and chatted with some of the others there but Albert wasn't among them. He was feeling a little guilty about him, not for what they had done but because his own life had got so much better suddenly and his friend's hadn't. He didn't know how he was going to tell him but he knew he had to.

He made himself a simple supper but it seemed strange eating alone and he realised just how lonely his life had been after Rose and before Masie. In spite of what had been said that morning, he longed to be in her company just for her companionship and good humour. He couldn't imagine her ever being in a bad mood or angry and she lifted his spirits in a way he had not experienced in a long while.

He watched television after his supper and did actually get immersed in a couple of the programmes.

Then just before the late evening news he heard her front door close just as he had many times before but this time it was more significant. It meant she was home safe and sound and that suddenly meant a lot to him.

He thought about going round and had to fight the temptation quite strongly. He was sure she would be pleased to see him -- at least he hoped she would -- but he didn't want to intrude where he wasn't expected and the last thing he wanted was to risk a scolding for giving in so easily. A couple of days she had said so that is what he would try to do.

When the news ended he turned off the television and got ready for bed. He undressed and picked up his pyjamas but on impulse put them down again and got into bed naked. After years of going to bed clothed it seemed a degenerate and exciting thing to do and he snuggled down under the covers. He wondered if she was naked too and the thought started a thickening in his penis.

He was just enjoying the thought and holding himself when there was a soft tapping on the wall. Tap tap tap-tap tap. He quickly tapped twice back and smiled at the simple but effective way she had let him know she was there.

As he resumed his thoughts his phone rang which startled and alarmed him. Late night calls usually meant a problem so it was with some trepidation he answered it.

'Hello my sexy man.' said a soft voice.

He laughed with relief.

'Hello gorgeous,' he replied, delighted to hear her voice, 'did you have a good day?'

She told him all about her visit to her friend and the shopping they had done and the lunch in town, and all the while his penis was getting harder and harder. Just the sound of her voice was doing that he realised, and wondered if he were with her now what they would be doing.

He suddenly realised she had stopped talking and had asked him something.

'I'm sorry.....I got a bit distracted,' he apologised, what was it you said?' 'I asked did you have a good day............what distracted you?'

'Yes the day was ok, nothing special except I called in at the club and had a pint but Albert wasn't there.'

'Ah....that's a shame,' she said, 'will you tell him about us?'

'I'll have to really....but nothing to embarrass you.' he went on quickly, 'just that we're together. If that's alright with you?'

'Yes it is,' sh

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