FreeA story about Gina's abduction, training & sale. Sex Pics

Jack meets an old friend on a business trip and has FUN!

He put one hand between their chests and toyed with one of her nipples. "This is more like it," he groaned. "Now I can give you a proper fuck." He rammed his cock in hard with several quick thrusts and then slowed and worked the entire length in and out hard. "Most of the sluts the boss brings on board...I couldn't care less about but're different. You're not like them...and the boss says you're gonna be with us have more to learn on account you were a housewife and not some stripper or escort."

Not knowing at the time what Steven had planned for her Stephi was a little confused by the man's last statement but mostly paid attention to the fact that Steven planned on keeping her awhile before he let her go. As the unpleasant thought of staying on this ship and submitting to all these men drifted through her mind, the man on top of her crushed his lips against hers. Her mouth was wet with saliva from sucking his cock allowing his tongue to easily invade just as his cock invaded her pussy. Kissing like this seemed to her more intimate than anything she'd done so far and more of a violation than any of the fucking she'd received.

The man's breath tasted of stale coffee and bad cigarettes. He breathed heavily into her mouth as his tongue circled hers and he continued thrusting hard with his hips. She wanted to turn her head away but knew it would make him angry and decided to let him have his way. She wondered why it bothered her so much after everything that had already happened but couldn't come up with a reason other than that he was virtually a stranger and none of the others had dared kiss her. She supposed it might happen more often now that she was no longer strapped to the table.

His mouth stayed glued to hers for several minutes as he fucked his cock in and out. He finally removed it and groaned, "Yessssss," in her ear as he jammed his hips one last time against hers and held himself there emptying his seed into her. His cock throbbed inside her as jet after jet of his thick fluid rocketed out the tip and filled her belly.

He rested on top of her for a few moments while she rubbed and patted his back. After a while he pulled himself up on his knees letting his deflating prick slip out of her. As he stood and pulled on his pants he looked down at her with a smug satisfied smile. "You liked that, didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes," Stephi replied meekly. It wasn't a lie, she had liked everything but the kissing as well as wanting to be 'nice' to him.

He grunted and chuckled in response and then left. All throughout the day men came and went. She didn't bother trying to keep track. It seems they had all missed her while she was with Steven and couldn't wait to have her. By the time night fell she was sore and covered in cum but the regular line still showed up outside her door.

For several days it was the same. She thought the mattress would be easier, and physically it was, but emotionally it was worse. The men treated her differently now that they could hold a conversation with her more easily. The ones that could speak English actually talked to her and treated her like a human instead of a piece of least they did when they first entered the container. But then they'd end up ramming their cocks down one of her holes without any regard for her at all. The dichotomy of their treatment of her was jarring and took an emotional toll that was worse than the physical one. When she was on the table she could distance herself from what was happening almost as if it was being done to someone else.

Several days later Steven visited her again and again she was taken from the squalor of the container to the lap of luxury of his cabin.