A man finally realizes his exhibitionist fantasy. Porn Video

Alone on the beach.

Gripping it by one hand he gingerly stroked himself. At the same time he moved the towel on his lap around to cover his shirt.

"I guess you want me to help you with that, huh?"

"Don't sweat it, Logan," he told me in that amiable way he had. "I'll just get some steam under her here and whenever you feel like it you can hop on in and help."

I watched him fondle himself for about a minute or two, but it seemed like an hour or two for me at the time.

"It's important that you like the job you do," he told me as he pumped himself. "I've been driving a cab for twenty-five years now, and I've never felt bad about it. No, sir, not for one day."

"I think I'll like my job, too," I said moving closer to him on the bed and smiling. "I'll definitely like it if all the customers are as nice as you."

Tentatively I reached out to him. We looked at each other for a moment and he nodded that it was ok for me to take a hold of it. I touched it in the middle just above his hands. It was very warm, and also very hard. I slid a finger down the underside. Next my thumb went around the topside and I had a hold of him.

Sam took his hands away now and I moved still closer to him on the bed in order to get a better hold of him. I began to slide up and down his penis, my hand closing around it as it moved. I tried to imitate his movements of a moment before. His breath started coming heavier.

He lay back on top of my bed, but looked down his belly at my hand movements. "Man oh man you are hitting the spot there, Logan," he said, his voice still good natured and conversational. "I'm just going to make myself comfortable here for a minute and enjoy."

"Let me know what you like?" I told him. "I'm new at doing this and don't know if what I'm doing is good or not."

"It's good all right, Logan," he said between heavy sighs, his big belly raising and falling. "Don't be afraid of it, honey. You can do it harder. It won't break."

I held him harder and even increased the speed of the up and down strokes. I went way up to the head on one stroke and felt some liquid moisten my fingers. Some how I naturally knew that when I went deeper down on the base he liked it more so I adjusted the rhythm and was running my right hand from his jeans up to the tip in quick up sweeps. Each time I would pass the tip I would feel a little wet come out of him and onto my hand.

"You know honey, if you want to really make an old cab driver happy put your other hand right here on my crotch and just push a little way into me."

"Like this?" I asked placing my left hand on his jean crotch and gently pushing as I had been instructed.

"Might want to back off a little. I don't want to get your pretty halter stained, sweetie," he said. "Oh yeah! That's it, honey!" Sam now adjusted the towel protectively around his shirt and jeans, his breathing was getting dangerous, and grunts were starting to escape his open mouth. "Oh spank it down there. You are doing good girl... doing good... ahhhh... that's it... we're almost there... almost there... yeah..." He motioned back with his head. "Aw god here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I had just scooted back on the bed in time. I got my first good look at the male ejaculation. A long white glob of white suddenly popped up out of the tip and flew into the air. It fell between my position and his on top of the bed, but fortunately on top of the towel he had pre-positioned. This was followed quickly by another glob that did not fly quite as high, and then a third glob. Lastly came tiny spurts of white spilling over the opening in his tip and running down the shaft in white rivers. My hand had quickened the pace. I don't know why I knew to do this, but it seemed like the right thing to do. And I continued milking him, my hand getting very wet with his white liquid.

I just kept on pumping, and for the first time I felt his penis become weaker in my grip.

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