FreeMy first time as a prostitute is with dad's best friend. Sex Pics

Daddy takes his foster daughter on a BDSM journey.

She held my gaze as she sat back down. She sat with her legs together and off to one side. I was a little disappointed but I realized she needed to get used to a stranger seeing her naked.

As I dealt the cards, she lay down on her side to study them. Or was it to get a closer look at Bill's dick? I was the only one left with any clothes on and since I didn't want the game to end yet I tried very hard not to lose. Sure enough I won and Marie lost.

I smiled at her and said, "What should I have you do? How about a kiss for your husband?" She sat up and leaned towards me. Before we could kiss, I whispered in her ear, "I also want you to sit cross-legged".

I wasn't sure she would as she kneeled in front of me and gave me a deep tongue kiss. But when it was over and she sat back, she indeed spread her legs and sat like I had requested. I think she was a little self-conscious as she looked down at the ground. But I was very proud of her. Also very turned on. I couldn't help but notice her wetness as her lips pulled apart. I could also see her inner lips pushing outward.

Bill dealt again. I don't think Bill or Marie realized it but they were both looking under their cards, staring at each other's sex. I'm sure they were both distracted because they took a while to discard. This time Bill lost and Marie won.

She grinned at him as she said, "How about doing a dance for us?"

Bill good-naturedly stood and began a silly dance that had us both laughing, especially with his big dick swinging around him. Marie was much more relaxed now as she leaned back on her hands. Before Bill sat back down, his dick was right at Marie's eye level, which she took full advantage of. She also realized that by leaning back she was giving us a wide-open view of her pussy. But she stayed in that position as the cards were dealt again. This time I won again as Marie lost.

"I want you to give Bill a kiss", I said.

Neither protested as they leaned together and kissed. It wasn't just a peck but an obvious full-blown tongue thruster. They were both very much enjoying it until I jokingly cleared my throat. They reluctantly pulled apart.

Next hand. Again I won and Marie lost. She looked at my wonderingly. I think by now she was hoping I would pick something with Bill again. I also think that the fact that it was out of her control made it easier for her. So I told her to kiss Bill's nipples. Bill leaned back slightly as Marie approached. She smiled at him then quickly moved her mouth down to his chest. But she didn't just kiss his nipples she sucked them hard, one and then the other. As her hand moved onto his leg I told Marie that she couldn't do anything else unless she was told to first. Bill had a muscled chest with large pecs, which Marie enjoyed with her mouth. After a few minutes of that pleasure, they separated again.

Finally I lost a hand. I stripped off my shorts. I was so glad to let my dick loose. I was afraid I looked small compared to Bill, but if I did Marie didn't let on. She stared at my hardness and smiled. As I sat back down Marie looked from one dick to the other, no longer hiding her glances.

I was afraid the game would end now that we were all naked, but then Marie said, "Whose deal?"

By now nobody cared whose deal it was and Bill grabbed the cards and started another hand. This time Marie won and believe it or not Bill and I had identical hands.

Marie said, "Since you're both losers you both have to do as I say. Kiss my breasts."

We both attacked her nipples, one for each of us, trying not to bump our heads together.