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" This made me wonder if Barbara planned on making this a regular thing for me to help boost business and encourage other restaurants sign up. Just thinking about it caused another surge of arousal to flood through my body. I immediately tried to dial it down with limited success.

I heard footsteps approach and looked up briefly to see a very pretty blonde waitress. "Hi, may name is Teri and I'll be your server today." She didn't seem as shocked about my appearance as the hostess had been and I'm guessing that the manager had tipped her off about what was going on. She went through her spiel about the daily specials and Barbara and the two men put in their drink orders. "And what about her," she asked looking down at me.

"Nine won't be eating today," Barbara replied. "She would like a bowl of milk though."

"A bowl of milk?" Teri asked sounding a little nonplussed for the first time.

"Yes," Barbara said. "You can place it down in front of her on the floor."

"Um, okay. I'll be right back with your drinks."

I had no doubt what Barbara was trying to do now. She knew that humiliation was a huge turn on for me so she was dialing it up to eleven. Her intent was to orchestrate an orgasm in front of all these people just like she had that day on stage! I tried to fight it off but my usual mantras and breathing were having only limited success. My entire body felt electrified. It wouldn't take much to push me over the edge.

Teri soon returned with beers for the two men and a glass of wine for Barbara. Then she placed a clear glass bowl of milk on the floor in front of me. I heard snickering coming from surrounding tables as I stared down at it. "Have a drink, Nine," Barbara said. I picked up the bowl with both hands and began lifting it to my mouth. "No hands," Barbara ordered. "Put it back on the floor." I glanced up at her and saw the excitement in her eyes and knew she was determined to push me past the brink.

I placed the bowl back onto the floor in front of me and noticed that Teri had remained at our table watching me. I felt dozens of eyes on me as I took a deep breath to once again try to control my nervous excitement. I lowered myself down onto my elbows and was forced to use my right hand to control my hair to keep it from spilling down into the bowl. As my head dipped toward the bowl my feet rose into the air to balance myself and I knew that anyone sitting behind me was getting a hell of a view. My entire body was trembling in shame and excitement as I began to lick the milk.

"Meow," I heard a male voice say nearby.

"Here kitty, kitty," said another.

The remarks and laughter were still ringing in my ears as I returned to my kneeling position. Red faced with shame I was at the very brink of an orgasm, but before I could go into my ritual for bringing myself back from the edge I felt Barbara's hand stroking my hair. Then I felt her thumb lightly caressing my inner ear and earlobe which she knew was a very sexually sensitive area for me. My body continued to tremble as I fought a vain battle to hold off the inevitable. Finally a moan escaped my lips as a spasm rocked my body. Then another.

Applause broke out around me. "I'll have what she's having," a female voice said as the restaurant exploded with laughter.

Barbara began stroking my hair again. "Good girl, Nine. Good girl."


About ninety minutes later I found myself back on my knees in Barbara's office, the events of the lunch still vivid in my mind. Like similar humiliations that Barbara had put me through over the past two years it was generating an avalanche of complex and conflicting emotions. As shameful and degrading as the experience had been I couldn't deny that at some level it had also been tremendously thrilling. Who does what I had just done? Who lives like that?

One thing I knew for certain was that my life under Barbara's control was never boring or uneventful.

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