FreeSister in law stops over for Christmas. Sex Pics

Video Dream Girl is real.

We stripped the bed and replaced the linens with fresh from the closet. With the clean sheets in place Kim laid back on the bed with her legs dangling off the foot, "Have you ever tasted a woman before?" Kim asked as I approached the bed ready to get off of my feet, that stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Ummm...No" I confessed.

"Do you want to? And you don't have to if you don't want to, I know I had never considered it before I met Naomi, but after the first night I acquired quite the liking of a woman's earthy flavor, just thought you would prefer your first time to be more private than it will be later tonight."

She had a good point, I guess, I mean I had never done it and with two female sex slaves in the house I'm sure the order would come at some point anyway. Kim scooted all the way back and propped her head up against the padded headboard.

"Just lay down on your stomach and rest while you practice." Kim said in a way that made me feel that she was more concerned with my comfort than her own pleasure. That gave me the encouragement I needed to crawl up between her thighs and dip my tongue through her lips. I licked slowly, she was right about liking the taste, savoring every centimeter of her lovely folds. She gave me some instructions on what she enjoyed and soon she was writhing on the tip of my tongue.

"That was great Bridget, you are a quick learner." Kim said as she sat up, I half expected her to return the gesture but she just hopped out of bed and grabbed my hand "Time to show you the chair." She pulled me down the hall to a small room that had some large medical looking chair and a few built in cabinets, she told me to sit and started to explain the procedure "When you first get here, every morning, and after any group sessions you are expected to used the chair. This button turns it on, after that just push the green button and hold on." She jabbed the green button with her finger and jumped back, the chair made a whirring noise and started spraying my ass and cunt with lukewarm water. It was a lot like a bidet but the nozzles forced the water deep inside my holes, flushing my insides of anything that wasn't attached. Soon it started alternating and furiously vibrating, the new sensations were too much and I began to experience an unusual orgasm, much like masurbating but with none of the work.

"Fun huh?" Kim asked as the chair kicked off and I tried to control my twitching body.

"Wow, gotta get one of those." I said and we both laughed.

"Bridget, you may want to take a nap. I have a strange feeling that a few of Frank's golf buddies may stop by for a drink after they're done playing." Kim has just told me that I would probably be fucking more than a couple strangers and instead of scaring me it made my pussy leak. I walked back to the bed and Kim took a seat in the chair.

I had fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, drifting into pure darkness and reliving the past twenty four hours of my life over and over again. I awoke in the midst of an intense orgasm, confused and titillated tried looking around but couldn't see anything. My pussy was vibrating and felt like it was on fire. The vibrating stopped and I started to come down from the wave when I realized there was a mask on my eyes that was blocking out the light. As I pawed at my head I heard Frank's voice.

"You will not be granted the gift of sight tonight, your other senses will make your agony pleasurable."

I just laid my head back down and accepted that I wouldn't get to see anything that was happening. Naked on the bed I stained my ears to pick up any noise that may be floating around in the room. I could here a stereo playing music so softly that I couldn't even distinguish a genre that the song belonged to. I could smell alcohol, and stale cigar smoke.

"You're going to enjoy this night, my blind night has been my most memorable party yet." Kim whispered in my ear.

I felt her weight moving the mattress as her skin brushed my shoulders, she was traveling down my body slowly.