FreePlaying with fire. Sex Pics

Kim babysits the photographer while Lola is out.

After turning it on she went to the bedroom to pack and I headed to the garage to get her suitcase. While in the garage I looked in her car but didn't see her brief case so I assumed she had it locked in her trunk. I'd anticipated this and had an idea to access it during the evening.

Going back to the bedroom with her suitcase I asked, "Where are the keys to your car? You have a tire that's low and probably has a slow leak. If I get it down to the gas station I can ger Jerry to fix it right away."

She looked flustered for a minute and then reached for her purse. As she was handing me her keys she asked,

"Can't you just put the spare on?"

"That's just for emergencies. We have time to fix it so I think that's what we should do." I told her as I headed back to the garage before she had a chance to think.

Quickly backing her car out of the garage I headed down to the corner gas station that my high school buddy, Jerry, owned. Pulling into the front of one of his bays I honked the horn and he saw me and opened the door allowing me to drive in and close it behind me.

"What's up man?"

"I'm supposed to be here getting a tire fixed but I needed the time to check something else."

"Problems at home bud."

"Maybe." I told him as I opened the trunk and removed Clare's brief case. Setting it on a work bench I used the key on her ring to open it.

"Well, I've got a customer so have fun." Jerry told me as he headed back into the small convenience store he ran with his station. . I very carefully began to search the case as I didn't want to disturb anything unnecessarily. Checking some pockets in the lid my fingers found a package that I withdrew. My heart sank when I saw the opened package of condoms. There were about three missing. My worst suspicions were confirmed. I put the package back where I found it and closed and locked her case. Putting the case back in the trunk I closed it and turned as Jerry came back.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"I'm afraid so. Can you let me hang here a little. Maybe you can check the air in her tires just so I can tell her I fixed the problem."

"OK, can do." He just looked at me funny but kept his mouth shut. He was a real friend.

After his check I backed out of the bay and pulled up to the gas pumps and filled the tank. No telling when I would ever do that again.

I thanked Jerry for his hospitality and headed home. My thoughts were very dark and I was on the verge of hyperventilating when I pulled back into our garage. I was feeling rage and frustration that she would do that to me, the kids and our marriage. My thoughts then began to plan my next step. I would need to get final proof of her adulterous, immoral behavior to assure I would have custody of our kids. She was a good mother and kids needed a mother and I would allow visitations but my goal was to have full legal custody. She would have to explain to her brother and friends why we divorced.

Entering the house I hollered back to the bedroom, "You're all set. It was just a small nail."

"OK, thanks."

I couldn't face her yet so I went into the kitchen and got a beer then went into the family room with the kids who were watching TV. About half an hour later Clare came into the room and sat beside me on the couch. By then I had a chance to cool down although I felt really sad that this once happy family would soon be history.

Clare slid over a snuggled up to me.

"You ready for tonight stud?" She whispered in my ear.

I took a swallow of my beer before answering.

"I think so but my stomach is acting up."

Oh, that's too bad honey." she told me as she snuggled closer. I automatically put my arm around her shoulders and was somehow feeling some affection for her. I wondered why she did it? Was it for the excitement or did she just needed more sex than I could give her. Maybe I'll never know. All I knew was that my trust in her was gone.

We both put the kids to bed and I looked at her as she kissed our two little angels goodnight.