Blackmailing the goddess. Porn Video

Eric is visited by Edora's mother and meets his new guardian.

A few deft licks at your swollen pearl, tongue circling. Then I'm relentless. You are so endlessly horny, I want you to come. When I suck your clit into my mouth, you thrust against me, I can feel your passion building rapidly. I surround your clit, tongue licking, fluttering. You grind yourself hard against me, moaning, gasping, crying out.

I don't stop. Licking. Swirling. Caressing. Finger fucking. Bringing it on, faster. Your pussy is so oozing, so delicious. I feel your contractions begin, squeezing my fingers while as you writhe beneath me, humping my face. And I savour your cum, and so turned on by your orgasm that I never want this moment to end.

Finally, you pull me up toward you, kissing my mouth, licking your honey from my chin. We hold each other tightly for a brief respite.

"Will you do that again," you ask, "but this time with your big cock in my mouth?"

You don't have to ask twice. I feel your hand slowly sliding over my hard-on, and then you're over me, grasping the base of my cock with your hand so you can kiss it. You seemed amazed, transfixed. Your Asian eyes are wide, and you seem unable to believe that a cock could be so big. I gasp again, lost in the feelings I haven't known in a long time. You seem to love giving me pleasure -- my reaction makes you smile. With your tongue, you tease my cock head, swirling, licking, sliding, while your hand milks the base.

My eyes close; I'm lost in the sensations. Suddenly, you open your mouth and take me deeply inside. You can't manage all of me, but it's more than enough. I feel you sucking as my cock presses against your throat. I moan loudly, my hands in your hair, as your mouth slides up and own, your tongue licking at the sensitive areas under the head. Oh God, it feels so fantastic, you know exactly how to please me. My breathing quickens, and I can feel my cock getting impossibly hard. I can't stand it, it feels too good. You are relentless, never losing a beat, sucking, licking. Bringing me so close.
I find my way between your legs, fucking you yet again with my tongue, flicking your clit. My lips surround it, and I feel you coming within 30 seconds again even as you hold me on the edge of ecstasy.

It's everything I can do to keep from spurting, but I'm holding my next orgasm for your tight pussy.

My fingers and my tongue continue to explore your sweet cunt; hot, wet, wonderful; then I'm sliding my fingers in and out very slowly until I find your G spot. I start to rub it, massage it, with my fingers, and feel your excitement building yet again, slowly at first, then faster. You moan and start to shudder, your hand reaches down to push my head against your aching clit. "Yes, yes," you moan, feeling the waves building. You're breathing is fast, hard, shallow, your hips bucking. I can feel the contractions start, so deep and strong.

"Oh God! I'm coming, I'm coming," you cry, as my fingers furiously massage your G spot, and your wonderful pussy is soon sopping...

This is so good! After several minutes, your body relaxes, your face is flushed and smiling. You're loving this, and maybe you are a secret slut who only needed a huge cock to unlock your secrets.

As we kiss, and you taste yourself on me, I whisper that I want to fuck you.

"God, yes," you gasp. "It's so big, I'm not sure that I can take it. But I want every inch. I want that cock. I need that huge cock in me."

So I suggest that you ride me, so you can control the pace and depth of penetration into your tight pussy. In seconds, you're astride me again, holding me poised beneath your wet cunt.

Then you take the plunge, slowly but deeply, engulfing all of me, and I'm shocked at how good it feels. You had no trouble at all. What I see next is the single hottest moment of my life.

I watch as you move imperceptibly, eyes closed, biting the corner of your lip. Subtle movements, waves of pleasure.

"Ah, ah, ah... Oh God, yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmm!" you moan as the first climax takes you, pinching your pointed nipples hard.

You relax for a moment,

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