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I was a bachelor, not by choice.

"Fuck her, she loves it," she told him. And he did. He fucked her hard as she lay below him and gleefully received, her arms holding onto him as his cock stretched out her pussy and filled it up, over and over.

"God, that's so good," she exclaimed. "It feels so good!"

Mandy patted Adrian on the shoulder.

"Hey," she said sharply, yet excited, "you're not gonna let her have all the fun, are ya?"

"You want some?"

Mandy responded by quickly letting her robe fall and standing with her hands on her hips and her legs apart in a cocky manner.

"Come and take it," she said flirtatiously.

"You won't mind," Adrian briefly asked Kim, who was already approaching an early orgasm. She laughed and said:

"Fuck, no. I want to watch a bit."

Adrian slid his cock out of her, got up and started stroking Mandy's huge tits while Kim watched and stroked her body.

"You like my tits," Mandy asked. "You like nice, big, soft boobs?"

"Yeah, I like them."

"Too bad," she teased him and turned around, placing her ass cleavage just by his cock, "'cause I like it from behind."

"I like your ass too."

"That's the spirit."

She grabbed his wrist and walked with him towards the bed.

"Move aside, love," she told Kim, who, excited, obliged. Mandy got on all fours on it and spread her legs, exposing her pussy and asshole.

"Think you're up to it," she asked Adrian as she felt the tip of his cock preparing to enter her pussy.

"You want it?"

"God, yes!"

Kim got up next to her, facing Adrian, and grabbed her buttocks.

"Stick it in her," she told Adrian eagerly, grabbed his hips and gently pulled him towards Mandy, causing his dick to slide into her pussy a bit and her to make a surprised yelp.

"Fuck you," she laughed and smacked Kim on the ass playfully. They laughed together before Mandy spread her legs a bit more.

"Come on, now," she said and braced herself, "fuck me!"

Adrian pushed his dick into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as it was filled up. Kim stood on Mandy's right side facing Adrian, watching gleefully as he fucked her.

"Oh, God," Mandy moaned as her pussy was stretched out.

"Oh, yeah," Kim told Adrian, "that's it."

"You like watching," he asked.

"Oh," Kim said grinning, "I love watching my darling get fucked."

"Like this," he asked, grabbed onto Mandy's hips and pushed his cock further into her, causing her to make a loud yelp with pleasure.

"Yeah, just like that."

Adrian slid his dick out and pushed it back into her.

"Oh, shit," Mandy whimpered, "Oh, my God..."

Adrian kept fucking her. She moaned every time he thrust while Kim stroked herself. He started thrusting faster, causing her to moan with every breathe she took. Eventually, she crawled forward, Adrian's cock sliding out of her, and lay down on her back, panting and laughing.

"Fuck, that was good," she exclaimed.

Kim lay down on Mandy's side. They shared a brief look before giving each other a quick tongue kiss. Kim then stood on her knees, leant forward towards Adrian's cock and started sucking it. He gasped as her lips slid back and forward across the head and shaft.

"She likes sucking cock," Mandy noted casually. "Think she's good at it?"

Adrian felt Kim's tongue exploring every inch of his dick and nodded.

Kim stopped sucking, looked at Mandy and winked at her. They shared a brief smile before Kim got on all fours and Mandy lied down in front of her, legs spread and her pussy exposed and perfectly positioned for Kim's head.

"Come on," Kim said eagerly to Adrian. He immediately grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her. She gasped and started licking Mandy's clit.

"Fuck her harder," Mandy exclaimed, "she licks more if you do."

Adrian tightened his grip and started fucking her faster and deeper. She started licking Mandy more sloppily, almost savagely.

"That's it, love," Mandy cried out as she grabbed Kim's head and started breathing faster.