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Now it's Brett's turn to plan a weekend getaway.

"You can twist my titty like that all night long," Milly laughs and snakes her arm between their warm bodies until her hand can squeeze Sally's breast. Out of the corner of her eye, Jill watches oddly jealous as the hand that's not hers caresses the girl who's frowning at her, but what can she say as her tongue wanders around the mouth that's not Sally's.

Sally can't move: the girls pressing in on her, those fingers toying with her breast, their lips every which way kissing. What the fuck! She thinks again, surprised at her curse. It gets worst. Jill turns from Milly and kisses Sally passionately. With wily lips and darting tongue, Milly leans over to join them, as if to say, one for all and all for one. Sally can't help but open her arms to enfold both girls, hugging them as their lips kiss and pout, pressed together like gold fish feeding.

Janie and I stare, helplessly. Maybe I should say hopefully as I feel Janie move over to me, her eyes never leaving the feasting girls, her cheeks almost as flushed as theirs, and timidly takes my hand.

Glancing at the clock above their heads, Jane giggles. "Wow, we're all gonna be late!"

Sally steps back and looks at the time, "Not me! I'm just a virgin as you like to say. Virgins can't afford to be late!"

Jill's wet lips twist into a grin, "Me too!"

Milly drops her hand to pat Sally's butt affectionately, "We'll catch up later!"

More giggles. And there we go again, all pressed together for yet another hug as Janie and I join them.

I'm getting to like these hugs, Sally thinks and squirms--yes, even seductively--as her hips push against my center just as my hand takes its turn to stroke their firm curve.

"Everyone just loves to touch my ass," Sally muses as she watches the gleam in my eye. "You, too, Julie!" and winks, making me shiver.

Ballet Babe

So ends another day at work but not without incident. Our lateness went all but unnoticed, just a knowing smile from Collie. The high point was the pirouette of beer, as we've come to know it.

Jill, tray in hand, playfully weaves through the tables as she heads for her customers. She balances a full pitcher of beer and four glasses. Sally and I like to watch her thin almost bony bod weave through the tables with such unexpected grace, but now we're staring at the big 48-ouncer teetering on her tray. (We usually try to hold the big pitchers separately, especially the clumsy among us.)

Sally tenses as Jill sidesteps a chair only to veer too far to the right least she drench an inattentive customer whose chair is leaning back too far. Suddenly, the tray shifts and the pitcher tilts. Holding her breath, we watch Jill reach for the awkward pitcher as it slips away and crashes, glass shattering, luckily most of it landing between two unoccupied tables.

The wave of suds drenches Jill's shoes. She's shocked, standing still and forlorn in a puddle of beer, pink with embarrassment. At least she was able to right the tray to avoid more damage.

"No problem, baby girl," Sally whispers, gently moving her friend to one side as she corrals the broken glass and beer into a puddle with a squeegee. "Saved the glasses!" she adds with an encouraging smile. "Go get a refill; I'll finish here."

Jill looks at Sally, her jaw tight, her eyes misty...and then we hear the serenade. One of the regulars has a ukulele and sings an impromptu ditty:

Ballet babe,

My waitress, dear!

Swirl your lovely hair

And dance with the beer

Pirouette by the chair,

As we sing your song,

Ballet babe so fair!

The customers all clap. Blushing even more, Jill manages to give her audience a bow.

"Happens to the best of us, no blood, no worries; hell, you even got a song," Collie says as she shakes a friendly finger at the songster and goes with Jill to get a new pitcher. Handing her another tray, she smiles, "Best to get back on the horse immediately."

Later, back in the attic, Sally finds Jill sitting on her own bed, leaning against the wall, fuming.

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