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Going after Persephone.

She rested a while before she got up and untied him from the chair. They kissed and cuddled while showering and went to sleep.

The newlyweds enjoyed pleasing each other sexually. Tammy played with Harold most evenings when he asked. Similarly, Harold went down on Tammy whenever she wanted it.

Tammy surprised Harold at dinner one Friday evening when she nonchalantly mentioned; "I invited Chuck over tomorrow night. Do you want to watch us?"

"Um, does he know we're married?"

Tammy smiled. "No, I don't think I mentioned it to him."

Harold shifted on the couch. "So how many times have you fucked him since we've been married?"

Tammy counted past thirty on her fingers and laughed at the expression of disgust on Harold's face. "I've been over to his place a couple of times."

Harold scowled. "Not funny, Tammy."

Tammy kissed Harold on the cheek. "Don't be so envious, Harold. You make me happy in your own way."

"You mean with my mouth."

Tammy giggled. "Mmm, you bet, pussy boy."

Harold lightly punched Tammy in the shoulder. "Not funny."

"Ow." Tammy smiled. "Speaking of pussy, my pussy wants to feel your magic tongue now."

Harold folded his arms and pretended to be hurt. "I don't think so. I'm not in the mood."

Tammy whipped off her blouse and bra. "Does this help, sweetie?"

Harold squeezed Tammy's breast and twisted her nipple between his fingers. He waited until she closed her eyes moaning before he took his hand away and said, "No."

Tammy lightly punched Harold in the shoulder. "Not funny, Harold. Don't leave me hanging. Finish what you start."

Harold laughed, stood up, took Tammy up in his arms, and deeply kissed her. He led her into the bedroom where they kissed and cuddled for a while before he finished undressing her and nibbled her clit to three quick orgasms.

Tammy pulled Harold to her side and laid his head on her chest. "Mmm, that felt fantastic sweetie. Thanks."

"You're welcome, darling. I decided I want to watch you and Chuck fuck tomorrow."

Tammy smiled. "I thought you might come around." She pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. "Good night sweetie."

"Good night darling." Harold undressed, turned off the lamp, and they went to sleep.

Harold woke Tammy by sucking on her nipple. She pushed him on his back and smothered him with her pussy until he gave her a couple of orgasms. They stayed in bed kissing and cuddling until Tammy got up and made lunch.

After lunch, Harold took a shower and returned to the bedroom. Tammy shackled his wrists to chains hanging from the ceiling and his ankles to a two-foot spreader bar. After gagging him with a leather ball gag, she tickled his cock until it stiffened. Smiling, she took a shower and sat down to put on her makeup. After dressing she primped until the doorbell rang.

Harold shifted his weight from one leg to another. It seemed like Tammy and Chuck were in the living room for a long time. Finally, they came through the bedroom door.

Chuck smiled when he saw Harold. "I see pussy boy's here again."

Tammy laughed. "Yes, he loves watching you fuck me."

Chuck grinned. "Then get on the bed, bitch."

Tammy smiled as she undressed. Naked, she slid to the middle of the bed and waited for Chuck to undress and join her. He jumped into bed, kissing her all over her body. She took his head into her hands and they kissed. He squeezed her breasts and twisted her nipples with his fingertips.

Tammy pushed Chuck on his back and climbed on his massive shaft. She pumped his rod while he squeezed her breasts. She collapsed on his chest, panting heavily, after a couple of explosive orgasms.

Harold's cock was standing at attention. He was happy watching Tammy receive so much pleasure. Her pussy scent filled the room.

Check held Tammy against his chest while she rested.

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