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Knowing Jeremy....

..i..." my voice was small and desperate with a need to please Master. i pushed down the feelings i had about the man whose presence i could feel in front of me.

Master's friend grabbed my hair pulling me up against the yoke to face him. my eyes flew open from the sudden pain.

"What's done is done. Peter told me i wouldn't be able to make you cum, and here you are still trembling in my hands from what i do to you." His face was smug as his hand went to my crotch and pinched and gripped me. i bit my lower lip against the stimulation refusing to let myself get worked up again.

"Please don't," i said breathlessly, barely above a whisper as my hips moved against his hand. He slipped one, then two fingers inside my body. i began to ride his fingers as his thumb circled my clit. A moan escaped my lips as i let his fingers build the fire between my legs. Oh God, not again, i thought.

"Even now your body doesn't lie. you're just a slutty little cunt meant to be fucked and abused. I'm just the dick to do it to you and more. Now, you'll shut up and take it, take it all." He released me and pulled a small vibrator from the table and attached it to a rig and secured the set up over my clit.

my wrist and ankles were raw from fighting my restraints but i tried again as he flipped the switch. He moved around my body grabbing the quirt off the table of toys and flicked it between my legs, the last untouched tender skin on my body was between my thighs and he began flicking the quirt until my pussy burned right along with the rest of me. i felt myself fall into that head space that can only be achieved with an obscene amount of pain. Each snap against my sex pushed me over the edge as my clit vibrated and my body cried out for release.

i mumbled stop over and over. my body started to jerk involuntarily and i was soaring as his hands wrapped around my waist and he pressed himself against the back of my body.

Then he was inside me, bucking and pumping against me, completely raw with no preparation for my tight puckered hole. His cock was still just as hard as when we'd begun. i was so sensitive i felt ever ridge violating my ass and God help me i pressed back against him and began to match his rhythm even as my words denied that i wanted this again. i came again more violently than the last time.

"No, no, please no!" i cried out as my body tightened and my toes curled, then i released and went slack from ecstasy.

He continued to thrust into me as if nothing had changed. He turned up the vibrating on my clit and i began to pour into another orgasm. They hit me one after the other without a building sensation, each one was full blown over the edge until i was writhing in pain and pleasure completely out of control. i screamed loud and long either in pleasure or pain or both and then passed out when i couldn't take anymore.


i woke up in the soft covers of our bedroom. my body felt abused but clean as if i'd been bathe while i was passed out. my Master was standing above me watching me as i'd slept. i moved and every single wound and welt burned from rising to a sitting position.

"Sir, i didn't mean to, i swear to You, Master. i tried not to," i cried. "Please forgive me."

"It's okay." His voice was calm and soothing. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me into His arms. i felt such relief that i could be forgiven.

He laughed and said, "I should have known better than to let Rick fuck you. He's truly an artist. you've never reacted like that when I whipped you." His lips placed gentle kisses against my hairline.

i blushed and my skin burned with humiliation at my reaction to his friend. i remained silent and hopeful as i lay in my Master's arms. i let his gentle touches sooth my abused skin.

i didn't want to admit that it wasn't so much being whipped that i'd reacted to, but the way he'd done it.

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