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Mother Nature reignites the passion in a marriage...

"How are you feeling mum"

"Are you alright Mrs Chambers"

Both girls started to laugh when I tried to sit down, wincing when pressure was put on my raw sensitive pussy.

"You try sitting down after your pussy's been fucked raw" I said a grumply but still excepting a helping hand from Sylvia who came over to help me get comfortable on the couch.

"Sorry mum" Jess said bringing me the coffee she had made me.

"It's alright dear, you weren't to know how sensative my pussy was in you came in"

"So how many times did you make yourself cum" Sylvia asked placing her hand on my thigh, inches away from my pussy.

I felt an electric shock shoot right though my spine and down through my pussy as her fingers gently squeeze the soft flesh of my thigh.

"About....about three...three times" I stammered looking into Sylvia's clear sparkling blue eyes.

"And how many times did Jessy make you cum"

"About five or six times......I don't really know, I wasn't really counting" I sighed parting my legs slightly.

"You must be tender down there" Syliva said slipping her hand closer toward my pussy.

Oh god, I was about to lose it again. My pussy was dripping. I could my juices flowing slowly down the outside of my pussylips and over my asshole. Good heavens, what was happening to me. I tried to concentrate on Sylvia's face, trying to take my mind off sex but it was impossible. My eyes kept travelling down to her breasts. Watching as her nipples stiffened under the thin material that covered them. My breath was heavy and labored as I watched Sylvia slowly part her legs.

"Oh god what was her pussy like......can I go through with it......can I make love to another do you have sex with another she turned on by me like I am for her...please slide your hand closer to my pussy....please touch me" I thought as I watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed.

And then it happened. Sylvia's hand slid slowly up my leg and stopped just short of touching my pussy. She must of known how wet I was. She had to have felt the heat that was eminating from me. Oh god let this happen.

I didn't know if Sylvia was still talking to me or not. I took a few sips from my coffee just to get the dryness out of my throat. Everything was dead quiet, moving in slow motion as I stared into Sylvia's eye. Looking for something that would tell me this was really happening. Was she going to make love to me. Did she want me to make love to her.

What broke me out of my dream was the pair of hands that slowly and gently cupped my breasts. The soft kiss to the side of my cheek. The fingers that finally searched out the folds of my pussylips. Dipping slowly, gently, softly into the hot deep canal of my pussy.

I looked to my right and saw the smiling face of my daughter Jessica. Her hand softly kneading my breasts. Squeezing gently on my rock hard nipples that poked out of the material of the short skirt I wore. I looked at Sylvia who now had moved off the couch and was kneeling between my parted legs.

"I like a woman who doesn't wear panties" Sylvia said softly, looking down at my exposed pussy lustfully as she untied the string ties to her bikini and let it fall to the floor.

"Beautiful" I whispered, looking straight at Sylvia's breasts standing full and firm in front of me.

She smiled at me as I watched her glide her hands over her stiff nipples, giving them a soft squeeze before sliding them down her stomach and into her shorts. I watched as she pushed her hand between her spread legs, cupping her pussy, closing her eyes as she moaned as she either slipped a finger inside herself or she massaged her pussy before pulling her hand out again to pull down the ziiper before buttoning them. Jess grabbed my cup before it fell from my hands as I gasped when Sylvia pulled her shorts down her thighs to her knees to show me one of the cleanest shaved pussies I had ever seen.

All I could do was stare at her as she stood up and pulled her feet out of her shorts.