FreeA somewhat personal story, told in the third person. Sex Pics

Jeanie and the elves get down.

She was wearing some tight jeans and tight top that plunged down her chest showing me her great cleavage. She hugged me and gripped herself on body. When she released herself, she slid down me rubbing her breast down my chest. I wanted jack-off right then and there. She didn't notice my glances and she retreated before everyone else came up to greet me.

I would tell you how the rest of day went, but it was pretty uneventful. That night I stayed up late stroking my dick with images of my slutty sister dancing through my mind. The next day I woke-up at round 12 noon and the house was empty. I guess everyone had just left shopping. I jumped in the shower and got dressed in some sweat pants and a t-shirt.

As I was walking towards the kitchen I heard something Brenda's room. I thought she had left with everyone else shopping. I peaked in her room and saw my little sister laying on her belly spread out on her bed. She was wearing tight white t-shirt that stopped just below her tits. She was wearing a pair of pink g-string bikini underwear that wrapped around her hips high. I was in heaven watching her write in a notebook while listening to music. I was about to start reaching down for my dick to jack-off, when she turned around and caught me watching her.

I started to think-up an excuse for me staring at her half naked, but she didn't care. "Are you getting a good look, Greg," Brenda said.

I didn't know what to say, so I just stuttered and babbled something. "I was...uh...uh," I said.

"Come on in big brother, lets hang out," Brenda said. When she turned around, with her elbows on the bed sitting-up half way, I nearly creamed my pants. The white t-shirt she was wearing was so tight, I could see her hard dark nipples poking through the shirt. I tried to keep myself from staring.

I stayed quiet while she did all the talking. "I like when guys stare at my body. I like to give them a show, so you can stare all you want because everyone has left shopping and we'll be alone for at least another few hours," Brenda said. I get really turned-on when guys stare at my body," Brenda explained in a low and sexy voice while gently sliding her hand across her stomach just below those huge tits.

"But I'm your big brother. I shouldn't be looking at you like this," I said.

She stood up and walked over to her mirror running her hands across her firm tits and down the sides of her legs. In a very innocent and sweet voice Brenda said, "Don't you think my body is hot Greg. I've seen you stare at me before."

I was so entranced with the sight of her juicy ass in the small g-string that I almost didn't hear what she said. I could stop myself from staring at her any more and my hard 8-inch dick was showing her I didn't want to stop staring at her.

While looking at herself in the mirror and watching me through it, in that same sweet and innocent voice Brenda said, "You can come over here and touch me if you want Greg. Nobody is home and I won't tell anyone."

I got up slowly off the bed and walked to her placing my body right up against her back and her ass. My hard dick was sliding right between her cheeks. I placed my face next to hers and watched hands in the mirror as they rubbed every inch her huge tits. Her nipples were harder than they looked. She had started to moan now that I was rubbing her tits and my dick was sliding in her ass. I wanted to cum and all my clothes were still on.

"Oh that feels sooo good Greg. I have been wanting you to do this for a long time. This will be our little secret okay big brother," Brenda said while moaning and cooing. I couldn't hold back any longer. I grabbed her and turned her around before we both started kissing each other passionately. The slurps and moans were almost over powering the music from her stereo.

I placed on the bed and immediately she took her t-shirt off.