FreeFriends rekindle their romance through bodybuilding. Sex Pics

He tries to be good, but will she overcome his resistance?

But I said I wouldn't judge... Mine dreads were ratty and some were different colors, and I had feather extensions. I love my hair, it was relatively easy maintenance. I didn't spend forever straightening it like other girls did. That was appealing to me.

My nose has been pierced for 6 years; my mom pierced my nose when I was 16 years old. I have scars below my bottom lip from all of the times I got it pierced and took it out. I was thinking about getting it pierced again, but I probably wouldn't. I seemed to go through phases with that. I had many tattoos all over my body, all of them meaning something to me. So, if that's trashy to you, cool. My exes thought it was sexy and I'm not trying to please anyone but myself.

I looked over the crowd and my eyes caught a face that seemed vaguely familiar. I quickly looked to Elle and interrupted her, "Hey, does that look like..." I looked back to where I had seen the face, but it was gone so now I couldn't be sure. "Never mind," I told her. "Where's the Coffee Bean?" I asked instead.

"It's just up ahead. Can we stop into this shop real quick? I want to see if a friend is working."

I gasped and feigned shock, "You mean to say I'm not your only friend? I feel betrayed!"

Elle snorted loudly with laughter. "Hey, you're the best friend anyone could have!"

"Blah, blah, blah..." I hooked my arm in Elle's and pulled into the shop she was talking about. It was a small gift shop with a lot of cheesy items. Elle gabbed with the cute guy working behind the counter while I pretended to look at key chains. I had a massive key ring with a lot of decorative items and barely any keys, so I looked for another addition while I spied on Elle. She seemed to be laying on her flirt a little thick, which didn't surprise me. Elle would flirt with anything because she's a good looking girl. It's just this guy looked to be way younger than Elle at her 24 years of age. She had always been such a tease, and today she was wearing her skimpy bikini. I picked a plastic flip flop key chain that has California written on the bottom of it and brought it to the counter. I bumped Elle out of my way with my elbow and put the item on the glass counter, giving Elle a dirty, knowing look. She blushed but continued to sway her hips as she rested her chin in her palm. Her breasts looked ready to pop from her top onto the counter. I paid for my item and dragged Elle away. "Tell Charlie I said hello," she called to the youngster behind the counter.

Elle and I exited the shop and I moved away from the door so I could dig into my purse for my key chain. "You're a slut, Elle." A woman next to me gasped and pushed her child ahead of her as she shot me a dirty look and moved away. Elle and I both laughed.

"I'm so thirsty, let's go to the Coffee Bean now," I said. We pushed our way through the throng of people on the boardwalk. Finally, the entrance to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf came into view. I yanked open the door and knocked bodies with someone trying to exit the shop. I felt this person's cold beverage splash across my breasts and trickle down my body. I swore loudly as I tore off my sunglasses and shoved them on top of my head. "I'm so sorry, I didn't even see you. These stupid sunglasses," I joked by my laughter caught in my throat as I realized who I had just bumped into. It took only seconds for this to happen, and suddenly he was wiping his napkin on my chest and against the curve of my breasts. I could feel an ice cube caught behind the edge of my bikini and I hoped he wouldn't try and get it.

I looked to Elle as I grabbed the guy's wrist to stop his movements.