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"OHHHHH MY GAWD!" she exclaimed.

He leaned a little further into her as another inch of his cock split her pussy. Her hard clit was in full view now as this massive cock had her lips spread wide open.

Again he pushed forward inching into her. She moaned again.

The camera moved to her and she was pinching and rolling her nipples between her French manicured nails. Her eyes were glazed with lust as the monster cock invaded her pussy.

The camera then went back to the cock in her pussy. Rob had pushed three fourths of it into her.

The camera zoomed out as she wrapped her legs around Rob's waist and pulled him into her digging into his ass with her heels.

Rob then leaned forward until their groins met.

"OHHHH FUCK!" she exclaimed at his full penetration.

I began stroking my cock while watching this sexy scene.

He then withdrew as the camera zoomed in on her pussy. It looked as if the inner skin of her pussy was being sucked out with his cock. It was as if her pussy was hanging onto his cock for dear life. He then slid back into her in one push.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHH" she groaned.

The camera zoomed back out as he began rhythmically sliding in and out of her.

She was moaning with each of his thrust into her. The camera panned up to her heaving breasts as they flowed up and down on her chest with each invasion of her pussy.

Rob leaned forward and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth as her hand moved to the other one and pinched it between her fingers.

Rob then pulled back up and grabbed her ankles. He pulled her ankles straight up into the air and used them for leverage as he kept pounding into her.

Her hand went to her pussy and the camera zoomed in on her fingers working her clit right above the slick and shiny cock that looked like a piston driving into her.

She began moaning, "OOHHH FUCK I'm CUMMMMING!"

Her whole body convulsed and squirmed on the cock inside her.

The camera zoomed out watching her grasp at the sheets as she shot her juices onto his cock.

As she subsided, Rob grabbed her hips and pulled her onto her side. She got the hint and got on all fours.

Rob again guided his big cock to her pussy. The camera again moved to get the shot.

Her puckered rectum and her juicy pussy were spread wide in anticipation of the cock entering her again. The head of his cock again parted her lips and slid into her easily this time.

The camera moved again to a side view where you could see his long cock as it appeared and disappeared into her. Her tits were hanging beneath her swaying back and forth with each thrust.

The camera jiggled a little then suddenly another guy entered the scene. I'm assuming it was the camera operator. He stepped to her head and unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled out his cock.

She eagerly sucked it into her mouth.

As she was being thrust forward from Rob's penetration, she was pushed onto the cock in her mouth.

I took the last swallow of my beer and kept my cock in my hand stroking it.

She was moaning on the cameraman's cock as the big cock was being plunged into her pussy it's full length on each stroke. Between her moans was the slapping sound of Rob's groin as it met her ass each stroke.

Rob was now picking up the pace and her tits were rocking back and forth beneath her. She was aggressively sucking on the cock in her mouth.

I heard a male voice groan, "AAAAUUUUUGH!"

Then cum ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin as the cameraman exploded in her mouth.

Rob never let up his relentless pounding. Her sexy body was now glistening with perspiration as the cameraman withdrew his cock from her mouth. He then got off the bed and disappeared behind the camera.

The camera jiggled again then zoomed in on her face as the cum dripped from her chin. Her eyes were glazed with lust as the huge cock continued to pummel her pussy.

The camera panned back out to the entire scene.

I was now stroking my cock faster and harder as Rob was beginning to groan.

My video dream girl also bent down onto the bed and grasped at one of the

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