FreeRapist becomes what he hates the most. Sex Pics

Christmas at Cancun with the In-laws.

The strong prefer the strong and the weak are left weaken even further. The burden this places on society is evident-soaring crime rates, birth defects and rampant mental illness are all examples. So it is my goal to right this inherent wrong and offer a true solution to our weaker nature. Breed it out."

"Before I show you the extent of my research, I must assure you that you are absolutely safe and that no harm will come to you." He signaled to George. George turned and opened the door we had entered and two additional white clad men entered the room. One carried a wad of off white canvas.

"Mr. George, if you could please demonstrate the safety device to our guests."

George walked up to me and told me to stand. "Put your arms out to the side."

I put my arms out, fearing what would happen if I didn't. George and the other two men slid the material on my arms. It was a straitjacket. I began to resist, but was easily overpowered by the bigger men. They forcefully secured the buckles tightly behind my back. I wasn't able to move my arms.

Sarah had screamed and started to stand up, but one of the men pressed her back into the chair by the shoulder. "Please remain calm and keep in your seat."

One of the men behind me told me to open my mouth.

"No." I defiantly told him.

"Open your mouth or we'll open it for you." He said, his voice calm and collected.

"Paul, just do it." Sarah said to me from the chair. "Just do it so we can leave."

I looked at her and opened my mouth. The man inserted a leather wrapped bite stick and passed one end of the leather thong through a brass ring on the other end. He attached a long leather leash to the ring and held it loosely in his hands.


Once secured, the second man entered one of the operating rooms and retrieved a large rolling device that was a mixture of chair and something altogether else. It had a work light attached to it and numerous gears and levers. The man banged it through the double doors and rolled it up next to Grabels' desk.

"Ma'am, if you'd please have a seat." He smiled as he extended his arm to the chair. Sarah looked at the chair, at me and then Grabels. She was wide-eyed with fear. I tried to tell her no, but the bit prevented me from saying anything intelligible. Muffled cries were all that came out.

"Please." Grabels still smiled as he invited her to sit in the contraption. Sarah slowly stood and walked to the chair, every step was one of terror. She turned and slowly sat on the edge of the chair, leaving her boots resting on the ground. Her hands were clenched together in her lap.

The second man stepped forward. "Sit all the way back." She did.

"Put your legs in the stirrups." She did without protest, but she moved as if it took tremendous mental exertion to make her legs move.

The man placed her forearms on the arm rests of the contraption and began to strap them to the wood. He did the same to her legs, wrapping heavy leather straps around her lower legs, just below her knees. Sarah was restrained in the chair and was unable to move.

"Thank you for your cooperation." Grabels said in a friendly manner. "Gentlemen, you may leave."

The two men turned smartly and left the office, securing the door behind them. George walked to the door, leading me by the leash, and locked the deadbolt. He led me back to the chair and had me sit down.

Grabels lit another cigarette and paced in circles around Sarah. "It is amazing how gullible people are these days."

"I only recently started using the Hidden Oaks Home ruse to attract unsuspecting people to me. Once difficult to find, they now come to me like moths to the flame. A perfect means to find perfect research subjects."

He continued to pace. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched his slow, calculated steps.

"Being you two are so eager to leave, I suppose we shall dispense with the pleasantries and get straight to point."

Grabels extinguished his cigarette in the overflowing ashtray.