FreeBecky's bargain is more dangerous than she'd imagined. Sex Pics

Ryan's plan is working perfectly. Can he confess to Riley?

With my open palm poised, I wait for your butt to be turned around to the side and deliver a firm spank to your flank.

"OWWW!" escapes your lips and you stop twirling almost immediately.

"That didn't take very much to leave you exposed.", I observed.

"But daddy, you're sitting down - that's why you can see my panties.", you counter.

To prove my point, I stand, pick up the crop again and indicate to you with it to twirl around again.

The skirt flies out and up again so, In the middle of your second rotation,

I swish the crop which catches you sharp and square across your clit.

You let out a girly yelp followed by an audible "OHH!... AHH!".

"There, you see - daddy knows best..." and I then add - "And you should be wearing panties with a thick gusset. A decent young lady does not aim to make a camel-toe to show off to the boys"

"I guess, daddy", you concede, begrudgingly.

"But I'll give you this...", I continue, "The only chance for that skirt is if you wear it with pantyhose.

"I will need to see it to be absolutely certain."

At that, you start to leave the room so I shout after you -

"Stop right there, young lady - I didn't tell you to go yet."

"Oh, no. I'm sorry daddy", you stop to apologize. Shaking, you turn to face me and, with precision, I swipe each of your nipples which, in your excited response to the situation, have become erect.

"I hadn't even got to the matter of that top yet", I went on -

"It does not do a very good job of keeping your nipples modest, does it?"

"No, daddy", you admit.

"Now you may go and put on some pantyhose under that skirt for me."

You go to your room. With a defiant streak now, you remove your panties and put on a crotch-less pantyhose body-stocking, thinking - "You won't see my panty's crotch under this skirt now, daddy."

A few minutes later, here you are before me again.

"But daddy, that's not fair, you're sat down again", you protest.

"The boys will likely sit or get down on the floor to see up your skirt" , I point out to you.

You realize that I'm right, "Oh, I guess so. Alright then, daddy".

You twirl around before me again. This time, I notice a hint of pale pink-white skin at your groin.

"That's too close. If you had shoes on, I'd probably be saying: that's unacceptable", I inform you.

"Go and put on your new heels, baby".

You quickly trot away and back.

Standing slightly unsteady before me in your new stilettos, you have a knowing look on your face.

This time, I don't signal you to turn around. Instead, taking the crop in hand again, I tap it against the insides of your thighs to instruct you to stand with your feet apart.

Once I've taken in the view, not to mention a whiff of your pussy's scent, I extend my empty hand.

"What's this?, I pretend to enquire, "Has a thread got pulled here?"

I feel for the protrusion, which I already know is not a gathering in the seam,

and roll around your lovely, long labia between my forefinger and thumb.

You slump, melting a little at the sensation of me kneading and pinching your moistening lips.

After several moments, I withdraw my hand and show you my shiny wet finger.

Putting on the look of a concerned father, I give my supposed verdict - "This just will not do at all, my girl."

"I can not allow you out, looking like a whore, in these. Neither should you want to go out in public, looking to all like a whore."

Your head drops and your eyes close, in shame or disappointment.

In that moment, I pop my finger into my mouth and quickly suck your sweet nectar from it.

Still savouring the taste, I go on to say -

"This should be a lesson to you. In future, I expect you not to waste your allowance buying clothes that I would not approve of."

Not entirely surprisingly, you are not as upset by this as I'd expect.

You show a hint of typical (like, do I care?) teenage girl attitude.

"Do you understand me, young lady?", I check.

"Um, I guess", you mumble back, which raises my suspicion further.

"You didn't buy these