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At one end of the room, there's a bar cabinet made out of glass, illuminated from within, containing a variety of liquors. The whole room looks like a palace made out of ice. Ellenor walks through the room, her high heels click loudly against the black floor. She walks up to the opposite wall that is made entirely out of smoke-colored glass. She can see the club through it. She looks at people dancing below her. She feels as if she's peeking on them when they don't suspect it. That thought brings a grin to her lips.

"What do you think?"

She turns her back at the window, and looks at him.

"I'm sorry, but I don't like it," she says.

"Why not?"

"It's so cold and sterile. You can't relax in here. No natural material, no warmth, no comfort! Just glass and metal."

"The type of people who will be invited up here, will probably be using drugs to feel relaxed, anyway."

He shrugs.

"This window is made from the same material cops use, he goes on. It's a see-through mirror. We can see them, but they can't see us."

"What do they see, then?"

"A mirror. There are mirrors all over the club, to make the place look bigger."

"That's cool," she says. "To stand in front of a window and see all those people down there, and they can't see us!"

She giggles.

"You have a nice laugh," he says.

She smiles.

"And a beautiful smile."

He moves closer.

"You're beautiful."

He kisses her. She responds. Heck, he's cute, and his British accent is sending shivers down between her legs. He takes her hands, and holds them against the glass. He presses his body against hers, and continue kissing her. He's got quite a boner; she can feel it through his chinos. He lets go of one of her hands to pull her tube top down. He licks her left nipple, makes it harden, nibbles on it, and slides his hand up under her short skirt. He moves her thong to the side and carefully spreads her lips. Ellenor puts her free hand around his neck, holds him there, and runs her fingers through his thick ginger hair. His fingers play with her clit, her knees shake, and she leans back against the glass wall for support. He puts one finger inside her pussy, moves it in and out a couple of times, then inserts two fingers into her wet opening, and Ellenor squirms and moans. She's surprised when he pulls his fingers out and kneels in front of her, but then he pushes her skirt up, so it's like a belt around her waist, pulls her thong down her thighs, and buries his face in her pussy. If it weren't for the glass wall supporting her, she'd have a problem standing up! His tongue is magical, it moves and bends and circles around her clit. He matches every lick with pushing his fingers inside of her, each time bending his fingers before pulling them out, tickling her; the double stimulation is making her pelvis shake and tremble, she tosses her head back against the glass and cries out, partly from the pleasure, partly from the pain from hitting her head against the glass, and then she slides down to the floor, her legs just won't support her anymore.

"You alright?"

He sounds amused.

"Uh-huh?" she squeaks, she can't speak, she can't move, her pussy's still pulsating, she's all weak.

She reaches for his zipper, and he supports himself against the glass as she frees his hard dick out of his trousers. Oh, it's a beauty! Thick and long and decorated with thin, pulsating veins. She pulls the foreskin down, and the pink head glisters with pre-cum. She smears it over the head with one finger. He moans when she does this. She slowly pulls the skin down tight, and holds it there while she lets her other hand slide over the shaft. He whines, his dick shakes, and suddenly he shoots his load over her chest.

"Oh, bloody hell! I'm sorry, I don't know why that happened! I usually don't come THIS quick!"

"Do you have a handkerchief or something?"

He does. He helps clean her up with a plaid cotton handkerchief, which he throws in the garbage afterwards.

"I'm sorry," he says, helping her get to her feet. "You're just TOO good, you know?"

She doesn't believe that for a second, but i

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