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I'm in my mid forties but still fit and muscular from the gym. My rock hard erection's sticking up from my hairy balls to my big round penis head, straining with lust! I run my sweet young daughter's thong through my fingers. In my mind I tickle her navel with my finger tips, run my hand down her soft smooth belly and slip it down inside her thong. I hear my daughter's gasp of pleasure and excitement as I cup my hand over her soft, furry, sex juice moistened mound and ease a finger between her love lips, like that first time with her mother so long ago.

In my mind I see my sweet young daughter peeling her thong slowly, sensuously down her legs to show herself nude to some lucky boy. I see her from the front, slipping her thong down then posing with it down round her spread thighs erotically underlining her neat dark bush for her boy's hand to fondle and for his fingers to slide between her love lips. I see her from behind. Her boy hungrily pulls her thong down her naked thighs, she lets it fall, then as his hands fondle her bottom she spreads her legs wide for his hands to play. For my hands to play!

My hungry shaft strains for her, and for release of its pent up semen! I finger my balls and gently stroke my shaft with my finger tips. My buttocks clench and my hips thrust involuntarily forward at the delicious sexual pleasure of the feel of my fingers on the so sensitive taut skin of my hard erect shaft - my daughter's fingers!

I put on my daughter's thong. I thrust my hips forward. In the wall mirror I gaze at the erotic, kinky sight of myself in my own daughter's underwear! The tiny purple sex garment Is tight but soft round my hips, the thong strap at the back nestles into my bum crack but cuts into my balls. My hard straining erection forces the tiny triangle of satin far out from my body and my thick dark pubic hair shows in the gap between the satin and my body. As my erection strains against the thin taut cloth I can see every detail of my round, bulging penis head through it, just like her boys see every detail of my sweet daughter's mound and the outline of her willing love slit, like in my thoughts I'm seeing now!

I fondle my penis and run my fingers over my balls through the thin satin. A wet patch appears over my nozzle: my pre cum! I'm ready for sex with my sweet daughter!

I take my daughter's thong off and stand with my erection up hard, quivering stiffly with my excited breathing. I brush the smooth satin over the head of my penis, across its nozzle, slowly along the length of my hard shaft, under me between my spread legs and over my balls. In my mind it's my daughter's soft fingers playing, her lips and tongue kissing and licking, the tight erect nipples of her breasts tickling my penis head, her lips softly kissing my belly and her fingers exploring the inner tops of my thighs and between my legs, teasing my hungry cock to steel hard erection!

"Linda!" I grunt, my daughter's name "want you!"

My penis head is wet with pre cum. I wipe it off with the purple satin triangle that's covered my daughter's cunt! I hang her thong on my shaft so it dangles down around my balls and my thick dark pubic hair. I smear cream over my shaft, lubrication so my masturbating hand around my shaft will feel just like a tight vagina, oiled with arousal juice the way my wife's love slit felt those first few years - like my daughter's fresh young vagina! I spread my legs, I thrust my hips forward, I brace myself, I wrap my fist round my shaft.

"Linda!" I grunt.

I begin to stroke and tug with that movement my hand knows so well! Smoothly, rhythmically, full length from my balls over my soft sensitive lust swollen penis head, catching the corona ridge round its base and that exquisite spot just under the head, the frenulum.