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Ellen Returns. Lacy's punishment.

Still holding my by now erect cock she turned me around and dropped to her knees and took my cock to her lips drawing its whole length deep into her mouth. I stood rooted to the spot as she moved back and forth sucking and teasing me with her tongue.

Julie was doing things with her mouth my wife had never done to me and quite soon I felt myself cum. Julie didn't flinch as I shot my load down the back of her throat but sighed and swallowed the lot, sucking on my cock till she had extracted the last drop. Then bold as brass she waltzed out of the kitchen to see if her sister was ok leaving me standing in the kitchen.

After regaining my cool I sat down in the lounge to watch some telly. I was reading the TV mag when I heard Julie returning from upstairs. Turning to ask how my wife was I was shocked at what I saw Julie was almost naked except for a set of sexy black underwear and stockings. Before I could speak she said that her sister was sleeping like a baby and we wouldn't be disturbed.

She walked over to me and parked herself on my lap and began to kiss me forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. She took my hand and placed it over her lace covered breast, feeling the softness of her breast beneath it I gently squeezed and massaged it from the cup of her bra and felt her erect nipple which I tweeked and rolled between my fingers. Julie then took my hand and guided it towards her thong which barely covered her bulging mound.

As my hand traced her fanny lips through the silky material I could feel her pubic hairs which spilled out either side. Julie broke away from me and stood up and reached for my hand and led me upstairs to our spare bedroom.

Once inside she removed her bra and thong exposing her fantastic breasts and the dark hairs which covered her fanny, she pleaded with me to remove my own and join her on the bed. Hesitating I said I would take a quick look in on the wife and come back. Helen the wife appeared to be still fast asleep so I sneaked back across the landing to Julie who was by now laying on her back, legs apart in just her stockings.

Slipping out of my clothes I quickly joined her and replaced her hand with mine. She felt so wet as my fingers slipped inside her. Julie soon came and flooded my hand with her juices. Julie said she wanted me to lick her fanny clean, I took no second asking and I was soon buried deep between her thighs lapping up all she was ousing. Julie squirmed beneath me and pushed her mound against me rubbing her clit against nose bring herself to another orgasm.

As she rested she pulled me up from her thighs and reached for my erection gently rubbing its whole length. Julie guided me into her wet fanny and locked her stocking clad legs around my hips holding me for a moment before pleading with me to fuck her.

She was tighter than her sister and I felt her inner muscles grip me as I thrust in and out of her. We moved as one until I felt myself build for an orgasm. I asked if she was protected and she told me she was and urged me to fill her with my cum. Thrusting deep one last time I came, we lay together with me still inside her until I softened and slipped out of her .I rolled off and went to check on the wife to see if she was still sleeping.

When I returned Julie had her fingers deep inside her fanny gathering up our mixed juices. As I approached the bed she took them to her lips and licked the clean, this had an immediate effect on me and my cock began to stir again. Seeing this Julie knelt forward and took me into her mouth again and gave me another lingering blow job till I came again.

I dressed and left Julie to clean herself up and went to check on Helen. Now awake but still worse for wear she said she was sorry for being drunk and hoped I was keeping Julie entertained and that she wasn't being any trouble.

I told her to go back to sleep and recover as soon as possible and not to worry about Julie.

That evening Julie and I watched TV until she said she had a special present for me.