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A young man's secret fetish is revealed.

The next morning was like any other. We got dressed, picked through the paper over coffee and left for work. At about 4:30 I got a text message saying that she was going out after work with a few girlfriends. Thinking that she may have ulterior motives, I sent her a reply.

=If you kiss any boys, make sure you put your hand on his cock so you can feel it. All of it!=

As soon as I got home I went straight to the bedroom to do something about my raging hard-on. I stripped down and lay on the bed, fisting my cock. I couldn't get rid of the image of her kissing some guy while she rubbed his cock through his jeans. Thinking of how horny it was making her sent me over the edge, cum shooting up and across my chest and stomach.

After cleaning up, I tried to get some things done around the house but was too distracted to get very far. I kept hearing phantom car doors, hoping she was home. Strangely I was anxious with anticipation rather than fear and dread. Just the thought of my wife acting like such a slut was better than any porn on the internet. But I still made an effort to find something that measured up. As soon as I closed the lid of the laptop she walked in.

"Hey babe, are you surfing for porn?" she asked.

"Absolutely, how was your night?" I asked, trying to hide my enthusiasm to hear about it.

"It was fun." She said, matter-of-factly. I couldn't tell if she was being coy or not. Maybe she didn't get the message. She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine, then sat next to me on the couch.

"Did you get my message?" She just nodded over her glass as she sipped wine.

"Did you kiss any boys tonight?" I asked, disappointed that I was having to dig so deep for details.

"As a matter of fact I did." she finally offered. But it ended there.


"And what?"

"And did you do what I told you to do?" I was trying to keep my coolest face, but she was determined to keep me off balance. She leaned over and put her lips right against my ear and whispered.

"And what, exactly, did you tell me to do?"

I swallowed hard, all of my arousal reinflated. "Did you touch his cock?" I muttered.

"Is that what you really want to hear, that I kissed another man and ran my fingers down his shaft and to his balls? Do you really want to hear that it put me in another place, a place where I might not be able to stop? Is that what you're hoping to hear?" She said, still with her face out of sight next to my ear. Her hand ran up my leg and touched my throbbing cock. It was all the answer that she needed, but it wasn't enough.

"That's what I want to hear. That and that you are still just as uncontrollably horny." I was finally able to speak through my heavy breath. After 10 years she still knew how to take my breath away. She put her glass down and stood up in front of me. She pulled off her top revealing a green lacy bra, nipples pointing out prominently. She spun around, kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans. Her hands slowly worked them down as she wiggled her ass in my face. It took a moment for me to notice that she wasn't wearing the matching green panties. She spun back around, straddled me and pulled her bra over to stick an erect nipple in my mouth. Never one to argue, I sucked it greedily.

"That's exactly how it happened tonight.