FreeScott realizes his feelings both now and back then. Sex Pics

Spying on sister in law & friend during a lesbian encounter.

He checked the empty glasses on the table, and seemed satisfied. I had a horrible feeling I knew what was coming next, but the rest of that song passed without comment.

As soon as the next track came on he stood again, and my heart started pounding. I didn't want to go out there, especially not with that to compete with. I was going to look like a complete idiot. I didn't have a choice, of course, he just grabbed my hand and dragged me after him. I was on the dancefloor, legs shaking, a moment later. He'd opted not to go under the spotlight this time and I was glad of that one small mercy. I didn't need my dreadful dancing highlighted to the entire club.

Somehow, I started to move when he did. He didn't dance with me to start with, and he was obviously seeing how I was doing. Remarkably not as badly as I usually did, or at least I was drunk enough not to notice or care. His closeness, although he wasn't touching me at all, had some strange effect on me and I tried to move as he did, even closing my eyes so I could feel the music, although it helped not looking at him either, dancing with a hardon was not that easy. I managed to lose myself so much that when he moved closer and spoke to me I jumped. Not only was I not expecting him to be there, I was really not prepared for what he said.

"You're doing really well."

I know my mouth fell open in shock. He complimented me? Was I drunker than I thought and hallucinating? I must have been, because when I looked at him, my mouth still hanging open, he was actually smiling. I didn't even know he could. Then he was no longer dancing near me, he was dancing with me. Not the same as he did on his own, totally in his own world, but almost as sexily, moving towards and around me although we never quite touched. I had died and gone to heaven with my very own horny angel and I couldn't stop smiling.

I must have made it through a further two tracks before I turned around, wanting to follow his movements as he went behind me again. I'd had my back to most of the room, but now I could see people, and they were looking at me. My doubt in my dancing ability raised its ugly head for a moment, but then I saw how they were looking at me. No-one was laughing, they were jealous. I was dancing with the sexy guy they had all had their eyes on, and now they were looking at me because they wanted to be me. I almost started laughing.

It was as though having an audience flipped some sort of switch inside me and I was determined to give them a performance. I grabbed his hand, and although he looked surprised for a moment he quickly moved with me, letting me twirl him around. I was soon bumping and grinding to the track and he joined in, rubbing his body against mine lightly, but enough to turn me on so I cared even less what anyone else thought of my dancing. I took the opportunity to have my hands on him, nowhere intimate, but I stroked where I could, using the performance to feel some of those muscles, grabbing him to bring him closer when the song seemed to demand it, or perhaps when my subconscious did.

He didn't resist anything I did, and before long his hands were on me too, little bolts of electricity going through me with every touch. I kept his body away from my crotch, knowing full well what he would find there and not wanting to ruin this moment. He didn't like me, but for this moment he was prepared to play pretend and I wasn't going to do anything that might stop him when I was loving it so much.

All too soon, it was over.