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Her large pink nipples were hard. She was glistening with perspiration and body heat. The guys went wild as they tossed her the beads. They wanted to see more, naturally but she was playing coy, so we continued walking thru the crowd. We bumped into other beautiful people and I saw more naked tits and asses than I could ever have imagined. Women were ripping off their tops everywhere. Tina could tell she would need to get more adventurous if she was going to earn more beads, so the next time she flashed, she took her top completely off and handed it to me. I was amazed. Seeing her half naked in a crowd of strangers, totally carefree, made my dick rock hard. That tiny mask she was wearing had transformed Tina into a public flasher and it was very erotic. Many times she was groped and fondled as we made our way through the crowd. She didn't mind at all, apparently, as she really got into the Mardi Gras mood, earning her beads.

We found ourselves back under the balcony where she had first flashed her breasts to the college guys. Since all she was now wearing was the mini-skirt, she had nothing else to flash the boys. They were begging her to show them more, so she looked at me with her beautiful eyes as she unzipped the side of her tiny skirt. She was breathing hard in anticipation. She let it drop to the pavement. All she was now wearing were her high heels, several rows of beads around her neck and a sexy smile. Everyone could see her smoothly shaved pussy and the flecks of glitter that had collected on her silky skin. The crowd pulled away from her in awe as she stood there staring up at the horny guys on the balcony. Cameras were snapping photos and video was being shot. And Tina could not have cared less. She was incognito, yet totally bare to the world.

The guys from above quickly came down the stairs to award Tina her beads in person. They surrounded her and began roughly grabbing her breasts and ass. I was pushed back in the crowd and she was suddenly lifted up by the boys and they began to carry her through the crowd. I started to panic until I saw the look on Tina's face. She was in heaven with all those hands controlling her body. I could tell from her expression that she was ready to completely lose her self control to this group of strangers. They carried her to the apartment of the balcony. I followed. I was concerned, yet very turned on by the idea of her being gang banged by this group of drunken, horny men. They laid her on a low, sturdy table on her back with her legs held apart. I could see her pussy lips were wet with her juice. There were at least 5 men in the room who had stripped and were waiting to fuck her. She was grinning with anticipation and it was not long before she had a hard dick shoved in her mouth. She sucked on it hungrily and let out a guttural groan as another erection was forced in to her exposed pussy. Her arms were held down on each side of her head by two of the guys. She was pinned down. I knew she loved to be helpless like that. . I had never seen Tina so turned on. She locked her legs around the back of the guy fucking her pussy as if to pull him in deeper to her. She sucked and stroked the dick in her mouth, trying to coax out the cum. She was being pumped by both cocks. She didn't have to wait long before the guy in her mouth came in a torrent. She caught as much as she could in her mouth, but much of his jism landed on her face. Tina told him to stroke himself to get out the last drops as she licked his dick clean. It was not long before the guy fucking her pussy started grunting like an animal as he shot his load deep inside her red hot pussy.

Somebody got some lube and they started smearing it on her ass.