FreeFelicity gets more than she expected while in Australia. Sex Pics

He coerces her into having sex with his friends.

Where did you get them? Why haven't I seen them before? It didn't matter.

I watched as you walked over to your dresser and took out one of your ties. It was the one I bought you for your birthday. You tied it around my eyes and grabbed my neck. You pressed hard. I could feel my heart pumping faster from the lack of oxygen. "You deserve this you little slut." The words hurt more than the slap that came after. You let go of my neck and I could still feel where your hands had been. I was beyond scared. I've never seen this side of you. I started to go through possible ways this would play out. None of them ended well for me, so I just took it. Everything you had to give. I opened myself up. I deserved this, so I took it. For you.

I felt you get on the bed, and then you came closer to me and growled in my ear. "I'm going to make you pay, cunt." You bit my ear and slapped my tits. I could feel my skin sear. I wanted to scream but the gag muffled it. You laughed and moved your legs around my thighs so you were straddling me. I lay flat on your bed and waited for what you were going to do next. You knelt down and licked the gag and I could feel your hot breath on my lips. I wanted so desperately to kiss those lips. To somehow alleviate the horrible thing I had done. I knew that wasn't possible. I felt a tear fall onto my cheek. You were crying. Oh fucking hell, you were crying. I made you cry. I swore I'd never hurt you and then I go and tear your heart. I want you to hurt me more. I hate the pain but I deserve it. You deserve to be angry.

I feel your stomach clench and hear you really start to sob. You are straddling my thighs, resting on my cunt, and you are crying. I want to die. You yell at me. "How the fuck could you do this to me?! You were my everything, and you fucked it all up, you little bitch." It stung. You took out the ball gag from my mouth and threw it on the floor. I felt my jaw relax. Then you reached for the tie around my eyes and took that off too. I could see the pain in your eyes now. It was back. The anger had faded and now they were filled with sorrow and despair. "Stay still. You're mine tonight. Just stay still and let me have one last night before I throw you out." Your words catapulted me into numbness. I nodded and stared at your dark blue eyes. They felt vacant. The connection that we both felt for so long was gone.

You got off of my stomach and moved down between my legs. You kissed up the insides of my thighs and just when I thought you were going to lick my cunt, you pulled your arm up and slapped it instead. You slapped my cunt and I didn't feel anything but buzzing. I stared at you with a blank look on my face and you didn't say anything. You pulled your arm up again, and this time, expecting it, I shut my eyes, but you didn't slap my cunt this time. You slapped my thighs. Ow. I felt that more. I yelped and you dove between my legs again and licked me. You licked my cunt and stuck a finger inside. You started fucking me while licking my clit. But it didn't feel the same. Everything felt so sensitive after the slaps that I almost wanted you to stop.

You kept going, inserting another finger.