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Sometimes just watching, can be as erotic as doing.


Turning from the bar, her eyes fell on him again. His penetrating gaze was aimed straight at her. She felt her heart jump. Good lord, this one should come with a health warning! His sensuous mouth curved into a grin, as though he could read her thought. She looked away, then realised she was checking out his chest and ... belt buckle.

Her eyes returned back to his face. The grin had broadened and he winked at her as she passed, heading back to her booth.

She could feel his eyes following her, hoping he'd take the bait and join her. She wondered if his back was as strong and hard as it looked, and dreamed of running her hands through his spiky hair as she kissed him hard, pressing herself against him.

"Hello, sweetheart. All alone?"

She jumped, startled out of her reverie. God, even his voice sent shivers through her.

"Oh, hi. Umm Yeah, I guess." Up close he looked even better. A scattering of freckles dotted his nose and cheeks. His eyes were an amazing shade of green and his mouth just screamed to be kissed.

"That's great. I've got you to myself then." He put his beer on the table, placed another wine in front of her and scooted into the booth beside her. Then he grinned mischievously. "Mind if I sit down?" as he swung his arm up to rest on the back of the seat above her head.

She sighed. "God, no." She could feel his hip against hers and gulped at her drink, hoping she didn't sound too desperately eager. She scooted further into the booth and he followed, until they were in the corner. "What about your friend?"

"Friend? Oh, Sam. He's my geek brother. He'll be fine as long as he's got something to read."

She looked across. Sure enough, Sam was engrossed in his reading and hadn't even touched his beer.

"So, tell me. What's a gorgeous thing like you doing in a bar on a Friday night with only a glass for company?"

"A friend and I were supposed to meet up to go clubbing. She's not here yet." She smiled wantonly. "Her loss, I'd say. What's a gorgeous thing like you doing in a bar on a Friday night with only your brother for company?"

"I'm not with my brother," he licked his bottom lip. "I'm with you."

"What if my friend turns up?"

"If your friend does show, we might be able to persuade Sam to join us and even up the numbers." He flashed his perfect white teeth in a broad grin. "Hell, he might even have some fun."

"Fun? I think we should have some fun." Staring into his eyes, she picked up her wine glass, ran her tongue over her teeth, nipped her bottom lip with her teeth, and quaffed the remaining wine in one swallow.

His eyes darkened as let his hand drop from the back of the seat onto her shoulder and rested his other hand on her knee, just below the hem of her skirt. "You're really something, babe."

"You really have no idea. I'm amazing." She reached forward and kissed him, parting her lips as he returned the kiss, their tongues entwining.

She ran her hand down his rock hard chest, down his stomach, over the belt and finally coming to the bulge in his jeans. She looked deep into his eyes, licked her lips again and lightly squeezed. He inhaled sharply and the bulge enlarged.

He kissed her fiercely and his hands were suddenly everywhere. One moved from her shoulder to her boob, tweaking her nipple through her top, while the other slid under her skirt, circling the soft skin in the inside of her thighs.

Ignoring the belt, she undid his fly and began caressing the hardness she found within. He groaned and writhed under her touch. "We've gotta get out of here."

She smiled lasciviously. "No. Not yet. No one can see us. We just have to be quiet. Besides it's warmer in here."

He looked mildly stunned for a moment, glancing around the crowded pub. "You sure about this?"

As an answer, she slipped her hand between the buttons of his shirt and tweaked his nipple, while stroking the other hand inside his jeans. He bit back a moan. "I'll take that as you're sure."

She gasped into his mouth as his right hand moved higher under the skirt to str