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He returns to the store.

He was now raging hard, and couldn't take it any longer; John moved from outside the curtain and started to approach Laura and her daughter. He was not wearing any pants, as was usual. It wasn't until he was about halfway to Laura, and her pre-lubed asshole, that people from the congregation started to murmur much louder, and gasp as John approached Laura from behind. Laura continued with her sermon, despite no one actually listening. Hearing John approach Anna stopped rimming her Mother and spread her Mother's large ass, revealing a bulls-eye target for John. John wrapped his hands around Laura's wide hips; Anna grabbed his cock and placed his tip at the entrance to Laura's tight, wet sphincter.

There were members from the crowd standing up now, in shock, with their hands covering their mouths; in contrast the Nuns in the front row hadn't moved. John slowly pushed his cock forward, forcing Laura's bud to slowly give way to his girth. Laura had been giving her sermon as if nothing had happened but let out an audible sigh as John pushed his head into her tight, little knot. John slowly forced his meat deeper and deeper, enjoying every millimeter of Laura's tightness.

"Remember, we must obey his Laws! This is his will, so we must abide!" Laura said as John finally finished plunging his entire length into Laura. John began to slowly thrust in and out as Laura continued, "If... we do... we can find pleasure in submission." Laura had some trouble talking fluidly as John's manhood slowly moved in and out of her bud. Laura moved her hands to the edge of the podium to stabilize herself.

The congregation watched in shock as John began fucking Laura's ass in earnest.

"I can feel his thick cock plunging in and out of my ass hole. Every thrust he hits spots inside of me my Husband didn't even knew existed. All I can think about is him thrusting harder and harder, and hitting my Oooo-" Laura cut off mid-sentence as she let out an erotic moan. The congregation watched. Most of the men in the congregation were starting to get hard; they were still human after all.

"Please, Sister's. . . see to the congregation," Laura said belabored as she tried to talk through the pleasure emanating from her tight knot. The Nuns sitting in the front row got up and began to disperse themselves into the rest of the congregation. As they found a man with an obvious hardon they knelt down, removed his pants, and began to suck him off. Most of them had wives, but the wives were in such shock they didn't fight back.

Now that most of the congregation was occupied John decided to up the perversion. John reached down and pulled Laura's robe up, over her hips, revealing a neatly, trimmed pussy. Anna, Laura's daughter, and been sitting and watching, John ordered her to lick Laura's pussy. Anna re-positioned herself and began lapping at her mother's clit.

"Oh God." Laura cried in a sultry tone to the congregation. "My Daughter is licking my clit, while my Ass hole is being filled." It only took a few seconds of Anna's writhe tongue to set Laura off. Laura's legs began to shake and quiver as she came. Laura collapsed onto the podium as the Orgasm wracked her body.

The Nuns had started to service the rest of the congregation, kneeling between the legs of the male members and giving them a blowjob, while their wives sat a-gape at the whole situation - stunned unable to move. Some members had started to fuck in the middle of the service, bending their wives over the pews. The whole church was filled with lustful cries.

John was unrelenting as his cock pounded Laura's ass, causing her body to roll from orgasm to orgasm.

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