Was she the one who was watching?

No silver bullet. But think about this. If you have chosen to show me yourself completely naked then how can you then be embarrassed by me seeing you in underwear or negligee ever again? You can remove your clothes in the bathroom, come out, give me a twirl and dive into bed if that is what you decide. In all seriousness if you can take your clothes off in front of me then I believe that would be even more empowering for you. I promise not to move, I won't say a word if that is what you prefer."

Honey looked at me intently, seemed to start to say something and changed her mind. After a few moments she said with a momentary trace of a smile that was almost instantly gone and a tone that was still as sharp, "Hey, I considered a few ways this discussion might go but being asked to strip naked for you was not one of them... Mainly I expected a lecture about how stupid I was."

Her voice quieting as she got to the bit about how stupid she was.

There was then silence for a while.


I was very uncomfortable in front of him in my negligee and now he was calmly suggesting I did a strip tease for him. Put on a show for him! How could things get more twisted? He was just crazy, sexist, selfish, sex-crazed, like every other male!

There was silence in the room. Eddie seemed to be searching for some words to add, though none came out. I felt there were no words to express my anger at him so I said nothing and the silence continued.

Some moments later and after taking a couple of deep breaths, I realised that was not what I really thought deep down about Eddie. He'd hardly be a man if he did not like to see boobs and a cunt. I would not be surprised if he paid to see such online. I wondered how he would compare my big tits and big ass with all those beautiful women online? I was sure he must have dated women not as ungainly as me. But, that was all irrelevant because it was not something that was ever going to happen. He really did think that being naked, stripping in front, of him would help get over my problems. He did not know what Josh had done, what a fool I had been and what it had done to my confidence in my body and relationships with men. All of which had not been helped by the sexist bastards I had to deal with at work either.

I concluded that he said what he believed would help me but that was, of course, different from me believing it would help me. Having accepted that his motivation was pure, even if the suggestion was something both impossible and absurd. I also realised that another problem now existed. If I just told him how I felt, to just Fuck Off, or even slightly more politely immediately rejected the idea this may make the future of the holiday difficult and possibly determine whether we remained friends after. Many men did not take any quick rejection of their ideas well from a woman. You needed to try and work up to it. In the office I often I could not be bothered with the indirect route, was blunt and tried not to care what they thought of me but it was different with Eddie. Thinking it better, therefore to postpone the rejection of his idea I decided on some acting and enforced levity.

"You do, do you?" I said with a smile and an exaggerated arched eyebrow. "Ply me with some strong booze downstairs and you never know your luck."

I did feel slightly better after the conversation regardless of his ridiculous idea. Mainly this was because I had not seen contempt, or the wish to control in his eyes.

Despite the crack about booze I did not really want the drink he brought me when we went to the bar downstairs and it sat in front of me almost untouched.