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Alex flexes her Dom side.

We had a light snack of sandwiches and tea thanks to our good friends at room service and then got ready for what I now referred to as our mystery date. I put on a charcoal-colored suit over an ivory blouse that plunged to show just a hint of décolletage. A strand of pearls completed the look and I was happy with the effect.

I couldn't help watching as Caroline got dressed. All these years of women's dressing rooms at clothing stores, locker rooms at the gym, and I had never so much as snuck a glance at another woman. Suddenly, there was a woman whose body mesmerized me and here she was, mere feet away, apparently unaware that her reverse striptease was driving me crazy. She was utterly at ease in her state of undress and I drank her in. Her glorious breasts, round and firm with large areolas surrounding nipples that were begging to be sucked on. Her bottom, large but without a bit of sag, and her long, tanned legs that led to a delta-shaped pussy that I had licked at less than 24 hours earlier. As I stared, I felt a moist tingly signal beginning to form in my own private region. I fought the urge to attack her right then and there and instead just watched as she donned her elegant bra and panties. Finally, she slipped into a rich burgundy dress which was a perfect match to her dark beauty. We exchanged compliments and were off at 7:30, bound for who knows where.

A taxi took us a short distance and I immediately knew where we were. How could one not recognize the vast courtyard and fountain at Lincoln Center? We got out and I grinned as I asked, "The opera?" Caroline shook her head from side to side.

"It's ballet night, Emily. We're here to see Giselle."

Now, all girls go through a stage in their adolescence when they are totally smitten with either ballet or horses. Me, I was a horse girl who begged first for riding lessons and then a horse of my own. My parents held firm and I outgrew the phase. My experience with ballet was quite limited so I found myself excited at the opportunity to see a great company in a wonderful hall.

Our seats were center orchestra about 10 rows from the stage so I got to drink in the beauty of the performance from close range. It was just wonderful. The first act was full of happy peasant dances but ended with the heroine's collapse and death. After intermission (during which we sipped champagne at a bar in the lobby), the mood got even darker as the dead Giselle joined a group called the Wilis in ceremonial dances of death. She ended up saving her hero, Albrecht, from the Wilis' clutches and did a duet with him that overwhelmed me. The dreamlike music, the darkened set, and especially the amazing lifts that the couple performed were stunning. I had tears rolling down my cheeks when I felt Caroline's hand on top of mine and looked to see that she, too, was profoundly affected by the mood. I left the theater a newly-christened balletophile.

The streets on the Upper West Side where alive when we left Lincoln Center so we decided to walk the relatively short distance to our hotel. Arm in arm, we strode on and I expressed how grateful I was to have been exposed to such a glorious work of art.

"I knew you'd love it," Caroline said. "You have the soul to appreciate it." Right there, on West 58th Street, she stopped, took me by the shoulders and kissed me. The stream of pedestrians meant nothing to either of us as we shared the most romantic of caresses. I'll never forget that moment.

We thought of stopping for a drink but instead decided to go right back to our hotel room. Inside, we headed for the window and looked out on the electric splendor of the city. We stood there, silently, for minutes on end willing the moment to last.

"It's been quite a couple of days," I said.

"It's not over," Caroline replied. "Tonight, you're still all mine." She kissed me and said, "Let's use that shower one more time."

We undressed each other and I noticed that Caroline's hands were trembling much as min