FreeGiving myself to him. Sex Pics

The couple get closer and enjoy their first summer.

The breath was forced from my lungs making me gasp, the feelings in my body stirred and my juices flowed freely. My tits were bouncing up and down as my whole body moved with his thrusts. I felt my orgasm starting and without thinking my arms went round Ray's neck, so I could ride with him. He moved his head down to my neck and kissed it. He kissed my ear lobes and cheek before finally clamping his lips on mine. He forced his tongue in and ran it along the roof of my mouth and round my teeth. I gripped him tighter as my orgasm started

"Tell me when you come, I'll help you." He whispered in my ear.

I needed release "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I moaned

"Wrap your legs round me and squeeze!" He hissed.

I did as he said and his hands went under me onto my bum cheeks. He lifted my torso off the carpet, forcing his cock even further inside my cunt. I groaned out loud as I came, my muscles contracting on his cock as it jammed hard up against my clit. Fireworks went off in my head, the orgasm went on and on. He started fucking me again, banging hard on my clit.

OH yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give it to me!" I shouted.

Ray stopped and pulled his hands from under me. He grabbed my ankles and held my legs, spread wide in the air. He fucked me again speeding up pounding my cunt as he did so. I came again, a strong come that made me spurt my juices on his cock. His hands left my legs and rested either side of my shoulders. I was completely shagged,I lay there and let him use my cunt for his orgasm. When he came, he held it fully embedded in me and pumped me full of his spunk.

He lay on top of me breathing heavy, his cock still inside

"I've wanted to do that to you for a long, long time. He said You are just as good as I thought you would be."

I asked him to move so I could use the bathroom. He slowly withdrew his cock and rolled over on his back, allowing me to get up. I wiped our juices from my thighs with my panties and ran to the bathroom.

I stood in the shower, thinking of the men and boys who had fucked me. I am no angel, I know that. Right from the two boys who got me drunk on my 18th birthday and then took my virginity. My agent, who I let fuck me so I could model. A stream of men who it seems to me now, I just couldn't say no to. When Derek came into my life, he gave me security and a comfortable lifestyle. We decided not to have children and the first 4 or 5 years I was happy and content. Then at a party I was chatted up and seduced by a very good looking man who took me into the garden and later fucked me up against a tree. I had only met him 2 hours before. We had a disceet affair for a few months then one of his friends got into my knickers and I fucked with both of them, on a couple of occassions together.

So its gone on, I like men and I like being fucked. As I dried my body I thought about Ray downstairs and the sex we just had. I knew that despite my initial repulsion of the situation, he had given me one of the best fucks I've had for a long time. I went into the bedroom and slipped on a short skirt and blouse, no bra just a tiny G string and 5" stilettos.

Ray was sat on the sofa, drinking a beer as I walked in.

"Very nice!" He said, looking my body up and down.

"You have a lovely figure and a great pair of legs Jane."

He patted the cushion beside him, I sat down and crossed my legs making the skirt slide up my thighs.

"Can I fix you a drink?" He asked.

"Yes please! A G&T would be lovely, they are in the cabinet over there." I replied pointing.

He fixed my drink and returned to sit next to me again.