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Lights flashed, consoles beeped and electrons zoomed through cables as the Master Computing Device took in what Pam's electronics had to say. The data from her self-diagnostic scans and system checks got interpreted and stored first. Then a complete set of external diagnostic scans were performed on the unit. Those complicated logic problems that had so far only served to stump her AI were given a quick check by the supercomputer. It decided in microseconds to install some new, experimental hardware in its android agent. Pam entered as a Type E.4.01.05 android, she would leave as a Type E.4.01.09 kind of girl.

With her simulated breathing stopped for now, Pam was absolutely still as Natasha went to where she had been ordered. She bent her slim feminine body over, showing off some beautiful curves and that sexy ever-exposed recharge port. Her bright blue eyes scanned the contents of the drawers and cupboards while the supercomputer beamed more details to the transponder in her head. She grabbed some of Fembot Commands latest advanced electronic components and laid them out neatly on a cart nearby.

Then she stood up and walked back over to the sexy plus-size fembot sitting across the room. Natasha trained those icy, unblinking eyes on that synthetic woman and reached out to remove the black cables that still connected her to the console. Then the technician verbally commanded Pam to get out of the chair and get her body on to the waiting examination table.

"Yes Natasha." came the digital voice from her speaker as bright LEDs flashed quickly all around her exposed machinery. Pam computed, then moved. Her round wide hips swung in an automatically sexy way as she walked barefoot across the cold concrete floor. The harsh fluorescent lighting reflected in the curly waves of black hair built into her head, making them seem to be more vibrant and alive than their synthetic composition should allow.

Her plump and perfectly round buns jiggled as she came to a quick halt in front of the table. Her massive and flawlessly shaped breasts shook even longer while the computer parts behind them prepared to get her body into a horizontal position. She raised her left leg and leaned forward, gradually bringing the whole of her chassis on to the table. She layed there staring out with those eerie, inhuman looking glass eyes as Natasha's finger made contact with the power button inside the woman's chest. Shut-down procedures initiated, and in seconds Pam was off.

While all that was going on behind closed doors, Brad was trying to get his kids out of the house so he could go get his car. It took a while to convince those sullen and sad kids to go out and play with their friends, and even longer for them to leave the house. Eventually, they became someone else's problem for Brad. He brushed his teeth and chewed on some gum to hide the beer smell, then called for a taxi and rode it down to Morgan's pub.

That bar was on the edge of that trendy street where all the young ladies flocked to show off their bodies. Brad spotted a few tight skirts and low-riding shorts right away as he got out of the cab. He felt a little bit of his confidence surge through his still pounding head as he mentally reminded himself that he would soon be single again. As he walked around the block to the alley behind the bar he gave some more thought to what kind of woman he would look for next.

He had indeed grown accustomed to Pam's larger curves, and had grown rather fond of big plump booty. But he was also hoping to hook up with someone a little slimmer. That kind of woman would do more to impress his friends. He daydreamed for a while and envisioned his perfect woman. His shoulders suddenly slumped when the woman of his dreams turned out once more to be Gloria.

"I had her." he thought as he forcefully kicked a small stone out of his way. It bounced erratically over the asphalt, and bounded sharply to the right - right over to hit the side of his car.

"Oh, fuck!" he said out loud as he walked close