FreeJack makes the journey to Florida, & joins mile high club. Sex Pics

Teacher's slide into debauchery reaches new heights.


Someone stepped forward from the shadows, and I saw that it was Ela, the leader of these men. She was dark-skinned, tall and athletic, but not without feminine charm. "Have you come here to join us?" she asked.

"No. I have come here to lead you to victory against your enemies."

At this, Ela laughed and on cue her men laughed along with her. "You? You dress in a king's armour. You would be just as weak as the king, just as cowardly and fearful. Go back to where you came from while you're still alive."

"I challenge you then. I will fight you unarmoured if I must, but I will lead you before this day is done, or die trying."

She looked amused at this thought, assured in her formidable combat skils. "Very well, your majesty, come with us."

Not far from the ambush we came to their camp. Ela's men roughly tried to snatch away my armour, only to find it burned their hands when they touched it. It too knew its master. I set it aside and was given nothing but a leather loincloth to wear.

A roaring fire was lit as the dusk set in, casting flickering light across an area the bandits had cleared. They crowded in to watch as Ela returned, dressed as I was in a leather loincloth, her large breasts covered by a leather bra. She held a short sword aloft to meet my black blade.

At once the combat began. Her attacks were swift, but I parried with an expertise that seemed drawn from memories beyond this life. Knowing that one strike could be fatal, I fought defensively, hoping she would tire and leave an opening for me to strike back.

For many minutes we crossed blades, neither of us gaining the advantage. She grinned and panted, excited by the deadly combat. I saw her breasts swell against the tight leather and realised that combat aroused her immensely.

Momentarily distracted as I was, she pressed home her advantage, slashing the back of my hand. My sword dropped to the ground, leaving me defenceless at the tip of her blade. "Bind him." she said, and two of her amazons tied my hands tightly behind my back. She dropped her sword and stood over me, her hard nipples visible through her clothes.

"You fought well, little man, but not well enough. No man has ever defeated me. And now everyone will see what you are to me." So saying, she pulled aside her leather loincloth, revealing her dark-lipped pussy, glistening wet with her arousal. Her men jeered and cheered her on as she knelt over me, pressing her wet slit against my face and swaying her hips, grinding against me as I lay helpless. I felt my cock harden despite the indignity, pressing against the tight leather loincloth I wore.

She quickened her pace, her absolute dominance over me working her into a frenzy and I began to feel something, as though some strength flowed from her arousal into me, awakening some deeper power.

Despite myself, I opened my mouth and began to suck and lick at her sopping wet pussy, hearing her moan as I gave into her dominance. She still thrust against me as I buried my tongue in her pink insides, and as her orgasm built, the strength within me grew.

The bandits had grown quiet now, gazing fascinated at Ela's pleasure. She lifted the coverings from her breasts and stroked them as she ground her pussy against my tongue, everything forgotten but sensation.

She overflowed as she came, crying out loudly into the night air, and the power within me reached a crescendo along with it. Suddenly filled with strength, I tore the rope that bound my hands apart and snatched up my sword, raising it to her neck as she collapsed naked to the ground in exhaustion.

"Yield, Ela" I said, thinking the fight was over. Her men looked on in shock, some raising crossbows, but unwilling to risk the life of their leader. And then suddenly, Ela held her short sword again and struck my blade aside.

"Still some fight left in you, little man?" she smiled, already having humiliated me in front of her men, "Then try again, if you can."

This time though, things were different.