She wanted a weekend away, but not this. Porn Video

Chpt 16: Having sex and watching fireworks.

Of course on those trips I had always carried a coat or dress for her to toss on before they got close enough to realize what was going on. This time was to be a little different. I had also suggested she not bring anything along to cover up with this time.

When we got up that Saturday morning I again suggested it would be a great day to have some fun and to my surprise Jane agreed. Over breakfast we talked about what I wanted to do again. I really wanted to get some shots of her standing alone on the road with her thumb out as I drove up from inside the car. What I really wanted and I told her this was to get shots of her with a strange car passing by. Jane agreed it might be fun although the chances, slim as they were, were still there. She even agreed not to bring along anything else to wear. We spent the next few hours working around the house about two that afternoon we smoked a fat one and Jane got ready.

When she walked out of the house all she had on was a pair of very sexy black thigh-highs with lacy tops and a pair of sexy red open toed ankle strap platforms with five- inch heels. With her long red hair hanging to her ass and framing her tits she looked super sexy and sluty. I drove to the second viewing area and turned around making sure no one was parked there before heading back to the first area and parking the car just out of sight of the road. I helped Jane out of the car, locked it and we walked out to the road.

I started shooting as Jane walked down the road away from both viewing areas. I got a few shots from behind and some from in front as she walked down this county road in broad daylight enjoying the feeling of the sun on her nearly nude body. Before I knew it I had shot off thirty-six frames and we had been walking away from the car for over five minutes. When I asked Jane if she realized how far we were from the car she looked around and finally realized she had no where to hide if a car came along. I loaded another roll of film and told her to pose with her thumb out. I spent another good five minutes shooting a half roll before we started back toward the car. Jane was lucky, just as we got to the lot entrance, a car turned onto the road. I knew we had time and quickly took a few shots of her with the car in the far distance before heading to the safety of the car. Whoever they were they shot by without a second look and were gone.

Part two was the shots from inside the car. I turned around and drove to the entrance, let Jane out and backed down the road a few feet. This time I spent a good ten minutes getting the shots of her I wanted as she stood there in her sexy heels and hose putting on a show for me. I was hoping our luck would run out somehow and as they say be careful what you hope for it might be fun and it was.

I pulled over and parked at a wide part of the lot entrance so I wouldn't block it and got out. I started shooting as Jane posed leaning against the car like she was asking for a ride. When I finished I was having some fun and told her to wait while I backed the car off the road. Neither of us realized another car had turned onto the road as I backed the car into the lot locked it and walked back to the road. By this time Jane had seen it and knew she wouldn't have time to get out of site. So I was surprised when she pointed and told me to get the camera ready, lucky I had just loaded another roll of film, and stuck her thumb out. Sure enough it was the same car that passed before. I kept shooting as I heard it slow down pass me and stop right next to Jane.

There were three young guys in it and the passenger was just about hanging out the window checking out my beautiful nearly nude wife. The driver asked if there was a problem and Jane told him we were just having some fun and hoped they didn't mind. Of course they didn't!!! The passenger told Jane she had a fine body and loved her tits.

Jane, to my surprise leaned closer to give him a b

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